#958: Reporting Live from Mount Sinai

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#958: Reporting Live from Mount Sinai


Anyone have any thoughts on this first episode of Season 10 of the Adventures in Odyssey Club?

I thought it was interesting. I'd need to hear it again before giving any final judgements, but for now I'll say that I think it was good. Adults using the Imagination Station is something that I thought quite a lot about, so I liked that we have Ted Humphries here with Zoe experiencing the adventure. I do have a few thoughts on adults using Whit's inventions, but that's another topic for another time. ;)
I like the theme of positivity in journalism. I also like how we see the story of some of the people who were with Moses.

In recent episodes, the Odyssey Team seems to have been focusing on characters such as Detective Polehaus and Ted Humphries, who appear to be 'side characters', giving them personalities and story, and I'm in favor of it! I'm liking that we're seeing more stories of the different characters around Odyssey. :yes:
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