Avery Awards 2022

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Avery Awards 2022



Voting for the Avery Awards for Albums 71: A Slippery Slope and 72: The Long Road Home is now open! Go to the latest episode of the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast to vote!

We've got a few categories this year. Sadly, there are no new special categories similar to "Best Bogus News Story" or "Lesson Learned-est Moment" this year like there have been in previous Averies. :(
But be sure to cast your vote for the following categories:
Best Actress
Favorite Stoyline
Best Sound Design
Best Actor
Best Script
Best Scene
Best Overall Episode

Also, there are two questions where you can write a response regarding what you liked and didn't like about the albums, so be sure to fill that out as well!

Anyone voted yet? What nominations do you think deserve to win awards? Any theories on who you think will win? Let's discuss!

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After looking through the nominations and voting, I can genuinely say that I have no idea what will win this year. The nominations appear to be a war between the Olivia Arc and "As Buck Would Have It." It is probably safe to assume that Club members produce a large portion of the votes, and from what I have seen, they are generally big fans of Buck and Jules stories. However, I do believe the Club members also enjoyed the Olivia arc. The question is, which did they like better? For that reason, I find it difficult to predict what will win each category.

All my votes except one went to the Olivia arc, so I look forward to seeing if any of them win.
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