Have you heard every Aio episode? Then read this!

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Have you heard every Aio episode? Then read this!


Aio is awesome! I love Aio. But, what if there is another Christian radio program that is just as good as Adventures in Odyssey? Well if you have heard every Aio episode (or most of them) and want more entertainment, then I've got just the thing for you! It's called, Kids Corner. O.o
What's that you ask? A kids Christian radio program that is just as good as Aio! But the best part is that all of the 265 episodes are FREE!!! \:D/ Yup! You heard me! One of the other best parts is that some of the shows are written by familiar names. Like, Cathy Bucannon, Phil Lollar, and others!

What is Kids Corner (or KC for short) like?

The shows are like Odyssey. Where characters get into moral dilemmas and with God's word, can get out of them. The show producers say they are, "Great Messages wrapped-up in fun stories!" Which is true! The characters are all lizards. O.o "What!?" You ask. The main character is Lizarardo Quintis Lacerta. But everyone calls him Liz. His best friend is Lucille Monitor. They live in the town of Terrene and have lots of fun adventures. The "Mr. Whittaker replacement" is Grandpa Anole, and Granny Gecko. They give advice, and tips straight from God's word. KC is what I listened to for years when I didn't really have access to Aio. Until that is, I got the club. It's still fun and great! With top-notch quality like Odyssey. The sad part is that the show did their 20th season this year, and quit. It was an epic story where the town nearly was completely destroyed. And if there are any non oa club members, this is just the show for you! You can start with season 1 from the episodes page found here: https://kidscorner.reframemedia.com/terrene/episodes Also, you can see the website tour guide here: https://kidscorner.reframemedia.com/about/video-tour/ I hope you enjoy Kids Corner and try it out! By the way, starting with any episode can get you right into the show! The first one I ever heard was Route 32. You can type that in on the search bar on the website.

Also, I have heard every episode at least 30 or 50 times. So, name any episode (or description) and I can give you a ton of info on it!
Happy listening!

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