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Adventures in Odyssey Club Exclusive Episodes

One brand-new episode is released monthly and includes bonus content, including video, web quests, and more.


Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 1 (2014)
Whit and the folks in Odyssey explore what it means to have a relationship with God while they learn about serving others around the world.
Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 2 (2015)
Our "second call" of becoming Jesus companions means sharing His mission and direction. This seasons themes will deal with the heart and life of Christ.
Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 3 (2016)
When we grow as disciples of Christ, we find ourselves striving to follow His example. This season's "third call" is to become imitators of Jesus in all we say and do.
Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 4 (2017)
After last season's emphasis on imitating Christ, we're ready to explore practical ways of accomplishing the works of God. This "fourth call" focuses on works of mercy such as serving, comforting, forgiving and praying for others.
Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 5 (2018)
Not a big fan of cliffhangers? Then you'll be glad to know that, after a year dominated by multi-part adventures, Season 5 will feature 12 self-contained stories. Episodes will reveal more about Whit's family, a certain cosmic copper, and ministries such as Prison Fellowship and Trail Life USA. Stay tuned for plenty of fun and surprises in 2018!
Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 6 (2019)
Summary TBA...



Additional Exclusive Content

Extra member benefits are added to the Adventures in Odyssey Club periodically, including exclusive albums, soundtracks, audio books, and more.


The Officer Harley Collection

Officer David Harley appeared in a number of early Adventures in Odyssey episodes. He was voiced by Will Ryan, who later went on to voice Eugene Meltsner. Harley was a bumbling policeman and the producers loved him for his comic potential, but not everyone felt the same way. After parents complained that he gave a bad impression of law enforcers, the team decided that Officer Harley should leave the show. Many of his episodes were later rewritten, re-titled, and rerecorded without him. A few others were dropped completely and never aired again. Over the years, we've looked for a place to re-release these episodes as interesting curiosities so fans could hear the originals. And now, with the Odyssey Adventure Club, we've finally found the perfect place. Enjoy these episodes that haven't been heard in more than twenty years!

The Imagination Station #2:
Attack at the Arena (audiobook)

Once again the Imagination Station at Whit's End sends Beth and Patrick on a time machine adventure. In book 1, these two tried to help the mysterious Albert by visiting the Vikings. In Attack at the Arena, they search for a puzzling silver cup needed to save Albert. Beth and Patrick's adventures take them to Rome during the era of the first Christians.

The Imagination Station #3:
Peril in the Palace (audiobook)

The quest to save Whit's friend Albert continues in 13th century China. Cousins Patrick and Beth encounter Mongol warriors, giant eagles and Marco Polo as they search for the golden tablet of Kublai Khan … and the Imagination Station. Danger reaches new heights in this thrilling tale, written by Marianne Hering and read by AIO's Bob Hoose.

Adventures in Odyssey 30th Birthday Live Show

On Nov. 15, 2017, a capacity crowd filled the largest theater aboard the Disney Dream to celebrate Adventures in Odyssey's 30th birthday. It was quite a stage show brimming with skits, music, laughs—even sound effects performed right before your eyes. Now you can enjoy every minute of that live celebration in the Club. Set sail with your favorite voice actors, Odyssey crew, and a few surprise guests for all of the fun we could fit onboard and still stay afloat. (All-you-can-eat buffet not included.)

Adventures in Odyssey Live!

Join over 4,900 fans—a record-breaking live audience for Focus on the Family—and experience Adventures in Odyssey Live! Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Bernard, Mandy, and more favorite characters present an all-new adventure about discovering Gods calling for our lives. Complete with actor bloopers and live reactions from the audience, this extended show is presented in audio CD format—and a special DVD slideshow that takes you inside the live event! And don't miss the exciting bonus features: actors answer questions from the audience, a photo booklet reveals even more about the Birthday Bash weekend . . . and an exclusive teaser gives you the scoop on what's happening next in Odyssey!

B-TV: Live! Motion Slideshow • B-TV: Live! Gods Unique Calling • B-TV: Live! Questions & Answers With the Actors • B-TV: Live! Bloopers

AIOC Season 1 Soundtrack

For decades, the music of John Campbell has played a vital supporting role on Adventures in Odyssey. In this collection, his dynamic compositions take center stage. From pulsing African rhythms ("The Launch") and iconic western swells ("The Lone Lawman"), to gentle Asian strings ("The Drop Box") and warm yuletide stings ("The Perfect Gift," "All By Myself"), this instrumental album will have you reliving favorite moments from the Odyssey Adventure Club's premiere season.

AIOC Season 2 Soundtrack

During the club's second season, Odyssey composer John Campbell applied an even broader sonic palette. The jungle became both foreboding ("To the Ends of the Earth") and dreamlike ("Walter's Flying Bus"). We felt the swirling chill of Alaska ("The Cure"), were enchanted by pixie dust ("Pinocchio"), and pursued truth with a sense of mystery and urgency ("B-TV: To Tell the Truth"). "Follow Me" and "Hidden Gems" even escorted us on an instrumental tour of the Holy Land. 

AIOC Season 3 Soundtrack

Season 3 once again showcases Odyssey composer John Campbell, yet also dabbles in the cinematic stylings of Jared DePasquale ("When One Door Closes"). Lift your spirits with the jaunty innocence of "Walk This Way," "Un-Tech the Halls" and "The Journal of John Avery Whittaker." Methodical Asian strings capture the tension and trials of Vietnam's refugees in "The Boat People." And relax with African themes and raindrop-like percussion ("The Good Soil"). Your great musical adventure awaits!

AIOC Season 4 Soundtrack

We opened Season 4 with "One More Name," a three-part Holocaust drama that created new challenges for composer John Campbell. To hear a master at work, just listen to those mournful, yet hopeful strains all by themselves. Then enjoy bouncy, game-day energy ("Unfair Game"), ominous tones and trickling scales ("Swept Away"), and a historic mosey through the Civil War ("The Legend of Sperry McGerk"). Finally, return to New Zealand via the jaunty themes of "There and Back Again."

AIOC Season 5 Soundtrack

Composer John Campbell covers diverse musical territory once again in the Club's fifth season. High adventure includes futuristic sci-fi ("Walk Worthy," "Drake and the Time That Time Forgot") as well as playful shanties and nautical menace ("Out to Sea"). Pedal steel strings perfectly accent Miss Parker's southern twang in "The New Olivia." Equally brilliant are John's simple, thoughtful scores for heartbreaking dramas such as "Charlotte" and "Beyond Repair." Well worth a listen!


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