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Adventures in Odyssey Club - Season 8 (2021)

There's lots of snow in the forecast as we start Season 8. Expect laughs and drama, clowns, art thieves, talking animals and a clash with Bigfoot! We'll also spend more time with the Perkins and Calhoun families, and learn about important ministries such as Cadence International and Trans World Radio. Bundle up. It's gonna be a great year!



Adventure 85
If I Never Told You

Not everyone is excited when a surprise guest shows up for the Bassett-Wise holiday retreat at Trickle Lake.

Adventure 86
Kopfkino - A Hare, a Hedgehog, and a Doof

Wilhelm Holstein shares fables involving a race across a meadow and an odd boy finding his way in the world.

Adventure 87
The Clown Hero

A kind gesture creates a media circus when a reporter makes it his mission to unmask the Good Samaritan.

Adventure 88
Search for a Sunflower

Will it lead to fame or misfortune when someone steals Penny's flower paintings before her big art show?

Adventure 89
Hurricane Perkins

The Perkins clan upsets another military family by sharing too much about life's challenges ... and rat milk.

Adventure 90
The Revenge of Bigfoot

During a spooky troop campout at Trickle Lake, Jay and Buddy run into a snorting, snarling man-beast.

Adventure 91
Voice of Freedom I

A young soldier's loyalties are tested when his government and his father hunt down and arrest Christians.

Adventure 92
Voice of Freedom II

Summary TBA...

Adventure 93
Title TBA

Summary TBA...

Adventure 94
Title TBA

Summary TBA...

Adventure 95
Title TBA

Summary TBA...

Adventure 96
Title TBA

Summary TBA...


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