Adventures in Odyssey Club - Season 7 (2020)

Ready to travel? Buckle up! Season 7 begins with an ocean voyage, includes a wacky road trip, and ends with kids on a foreign mission. Listen for stories featuring Voice of the Martyrs and American Heritage Girls. We'll also travel back in time for our second young Whit adventure. All journeys you won't want to miss!



Adventure 73
Unsinkable I

It's all hands on deck when a series of clues appears to connect Whit's End with a survivor of the Titanic.

Adventure 74
Unsinkable II

As the luxury liner takes on water, what will become of Nina, her father, Henry and the other passengers?

Adventure 75
Out of Her Element

Desperate to improve her chemistry grade, Renee agrees to let Horus help her prepare for the final exam.

Adventure 76
Young Whit and the Revolutionary Secret

What will Johnny do when he tangles with a bully and learns the shocking truth about a 10-year-old war hero?

Adventure 77
Bridget, Redefined

When Odyssey rallies behind her military family, Bridget Perkins declares war on sympathy and special favors.

Adventure 78
Cars, Trains and Motorcycles

Friendships get tested during a wild, wacky road trip to Chicago to visit Penny's art exhibit. Detours ahead!

Adventure 79

Renee learns that ethical choices take practice, while Connie's campaign to help a friend creates moral dilemmas.

Adventure 80
Badges of Honor

Lagging behind other girls in their troop, Olivia and Zoe set out to earn as many merit badges as they can.

Adventure 81
A Simple Reminder

Left in charge of her father's farm, a naive girl faces temptation when a wily salesman comes calling.

Adventure 82
The Martyr and the Rooster

A man arrested for his faith makes it his mission to keep the peace and share Christ in a Burmese prison.

Adventure 83
The Forever Gift

Penny can't wait to revisit her hometown, then is shocked to discover how much things have changed.

Adventure 84
Teach a Man

Local teens learn how to film inspirational stories when Jay allows Zoe on a mission trip to Honduras.


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