Adventures in Odyssey Club - Season 5 (2018)

Not a big fan of cliffhangers? Then you'll be glad to know that, after a year dominated by multi-part adventures, Season 5 will feature 12 self-contained stories. Episodes will reveal more about Whit's family, a certain cosmic copper, and ministries such as Prison Fellowship and Trail Life USA. Stay tuned for plenty of fun and surprises in 2018!



Adventure 49
Rewinding the Big Picture

Frustrated in her attempts to cheer up a friend, Camilla gets a series of do-overs in the Room of Consequence.

Adventure 50
Met His Match

Convinced that Whit is lonely, Penny and Olivia play Cupid in hopes of introducing him to the next Mrs. Whittaker.

Adventure 51
Failing to the Finish Line

The Square One Club's passion for inventing shifts into high gear when Matthew builds an impressive go-kart engine.

Adventure 52
Drake and the Time That Time Forgot

Space-age officers Drake and Woots encounter a time-traveling scientist on a questionable quest to change history.

Adventure 53
Mean Streak

A mean girl from Connie's past wants to reconnect. Meanwhile, Jules hatches a plan to teach her own bully a lesson.

Adventure 54
Always Do Your Best-ish

Olivia and Renee run into unexpected obstacles while working on a school play and a new Imagination Station program.

Adventure 55

A friendly game of chess ends abruptly when painful memories put Whit and Wilson's friendship to the test.

Adventure 56
Walk Worthy

Buddy and Jay explore what it means to live with integrity as members of a wilderness troop for boys.

Adventure 57
The Last Straw

Forgiveness is in short supply when Olivia proves unreliable and Connie insults someone on her radio show.

Adventure 58
Beyond Repair

With Pastor Knox along for support, a nervous young woman finally visits the prisoner who betrayed her.

Adventure 59
The New Olivia

Ready for a new image, Olivia Parker discovers how an extreme makeover can take on a life of its own.

Adventure 60
Out to Sea

During a visit to the Florida Keys, an ocean getaway lands Whit, Eugene and Wooton in a boatload of trouble.


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