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Friday, January 31, 2003     AIO Wheel of Fortune Reminder

AIO Wheel of Fortune officially begins tomorrow! If you've never played before, then be sure to check back every day at your own convenience. The game's not going anywhere. I designed a cool site for it which you'll be able to enjoy for the first time tomorrow! Check back then.


Thursday, January 30, 2003     Additions & Subtractions

Addition: I added a new feature to the 'Site Updates' column at the top of the page. Now you can scroll through every single update since September 2002! It's just too bad I didn't save all the rest from months before. In order to scroll through all entrees all you have to do is mouse over the up and down arrows at the bottom of the column. (Thanks to Jared Walczak for his showing me the code for this.)

Subtraction: The 'Novacom Saga Poll' is gone. I hope to post the results "soon and very soon."

Addition: A new intro to the site is up at the top of the page once again. It hasn't been there since August 2002! Also I've added a "Suggest a Piece" form on the artwork page of the Chicken Soup section. If you would like to have artwork done, the artist is motivated to create it! Click here.

Subtraction: I removed the usual logo on this page. Don't be upset! It's still on all the other pages of the website!

Addition: I replaced the old logo with an edited version which features Lucy Schultz peeking out from behind the 'S' in Odyssey. It looks like she's afraid of Tom Riley!

Subtraction: I removed the archived 'Site Updates' from the left-hand column. They can now be found at the top of the page.

Addition: Though it's not here yet, AIO Wheel of Fortune begins on Saturday! I hope you can count your fingers because the days are quickly subtracting! Mark your calendars and check back on Saturday for a new look to AIO WOF!


Sunday, January 26, 2003     Aubrey's Bathrobe Review

My review of Aubrey's Bathrobe is now up! Be sure to head on over and see what I thought of it in the Reviews section. Sorry it took so long for me to post the review. I would have posted the review earlier in the week but I wasn't motivated to write the review.

In other news, be sure to listen to "The Toy Man", which aired yesterday on radio stations on the country. Speaking of reviews, I will try to review the episode before the week is over.


Wednesday, January 22, 2003     It's Back - After So Long!

After such a long absence, I am happy to announce that a new Round of AIO Wheel of Fortune is coming up! Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 1, 2003. If you aren't familiar with AIO WOF (I'm sure there's a ton of new visitors since then), then be sure to check back to the site every day starting on February 1st. Many people participated in the game months ago when the game was invented and it doesn't require any sort of schedule at all. You can check the site at your convenience and if you're lucky, you'll be one of the three winners! All you have to do is check back every day. A new letter is added each day to the AIO WOF board and you're closer to knowing what the solved puzzle is. There will be a category to aid you in your guessing... so have fun!

A while back I conducted a poll to see what everyone wanted: Monopoly-style or Normal. I was surprised to see that there was a perfect split down the middle. Exactly half voted for Monopoly-style and the other half voted for Normal. After lots of thought I have decided to go back to the normal style. If you never saw the Monopoly-style then don't worry about it. Otherwise you can count on the regular (more understandable) version of the game to be posted everyday. Mark your calendars!


Tuesday, January 21, 2003     It's Election Day in Odyssey!

If you have been keeping up with the Town Hall message board, then you know that today is election day in Odyssey! For the past few weeks, four candidates have been making campaign promises and have been releasing various commercials to waver the crowd's voting. Well after so long it's time to vote for who you want to be mayor of Odyssey! The four candidates for mayor include:

  • Jared Walczak
  • Hawkeye
  • Samwise
  • DrBlackgaard

Now... one must wonder... where does The Odyssey Scoop stand on such a matter? After all, the office of the Odyssey mayor's office is at stake, so I'd better say who I'm voting for. If you have been sticking around at the Town Hall, then you know who I approve as my mayor. On one post I publicly endorsed Jared Walczak as mayor. You can visit this link (Jared's Campaign Headquarters) to see where he stands on issues of Odyssey. There you can have access to three convincing commercials which will, no doubt, change your mind and make you vote for Jared. You can count on your vote being useful if you vote Jared Walczak into office! The Scoop and Jared have been "pals" for a very long time, so I wouldn't favor one candidate over another if I didn't have a reason. Jared is trustworthy... the others aren't so faithful. If you need further information about Jared, visit his Final Pre-Election Statement for the conclusion of what he has to say.

If interested in seeing the stressful campaign, visit The Odyssey Times for an article about this. Jared Walczak is in the lead in the exit polls and the other candidates trail behind miserably.


Monday, January 20, 2003     The Official Site Construction Work

The following information was recently posted over at Wonderworld at the Official Site. It's just a little sneak peek information on the new season in progress:

  • January 11 * Between You and Me * Season Premiere! Connie and Mitch are trying to get back to their normal life, but Mitch is faced with new opportunities and new hardships. Check here to hear a sneak peek of this exciting show.
  • January 18 * Aubrey's Bathrobe * Aubrey's newfound Christianity is put to some real tests.
  • January 25 * The Toy Man * We meet a whole new Odyssey family.
  • February 1 * For Trying Out Loud * Wooton helps out with one of Edwin's productions*with surprising results.
  • February 8 * The Benefit of the Doubt * Odyssey residents are dealing with the aftermath of the Novacom conspiracy in many ways.
  • February 15 & 22 * The American Revelation I & II
  • March 1 * For the Fun of It
  • March 8 & 15 * The Pact I & II

Also speaking of the Official Site, it's undergoing some major additions which will be posted in the future. Nathan Hoobler, a member of the AIO team, would like any input you may have so the site can be better than ever. Head to this thread at the Town Hall to submit your ideas.


Thursday, January 16, 2003     Poll Results & New Review

Once again, it's time to reveal the final results to the poll that was featured at the top of the screen for so long:

Scoop Mini-Poll: When will Jared Walczak finish the Forum Awards entrees? [34 votes total]
Now (3) 9%
Soon (10) 29%
Never (21) 62%

When you voted in this poll I hope you weren't expecting miracles to happen when I released the results because Jared Walczak is just as far along on his grading as he was when the poll started. I was surprised at the popular vote: Never. It looks like Jared is losing his reliability as a Forum Award host. So Jared, maybe you should get going on it! Take these results as a hint... get those awards done!

Also today I decided to update a little early and post my review of Between You and Me over in the Reviews section. Be sure to check it out (and the 9 others), along with the NEW poll which is up at the top of this page! We need every vote!


Saturday, January 11, 2003     New Season and a Pile of Goodies!

Well we've all made it through the long AIO season countdown, and to celebrate the occasion, we've prepared a special treat! Remember the Chicken Soup for the AIO Soul section that's been under construction for six months? Well... voila! Today is the official grand opening of the section! Be sure to head on over and see the 12 cool pieces of artwork, as well as the new AIO poetry! YOU can even suggest a piece to be drawn and published on the site! Don't miss out!

Also today I've updated the AIO FAQ section with 11 new AIO FAQ questions. Be sure to head on over and read my wacky answers... and even learn something!

And our final treat for you today is... 9 new Reviews! I finally motivated myself to catch up on my reviewing, so be sure to head on over and read up.

And don't forget the most important AIO news today! Today is the season opener, "Between You and Me," so don't miss it! I'll try to review it as soon as possible.


Friday, January 10, 2003     New Season... Tomorrow!

Can you believe it? After nearly six months of patient waiting, the AIO Season Countdown is finally over! We've sat around for so long, chatting at the Town Hall and going crazy waiting to see what's up after the Novacom Saga, and TOMORROW we can now find out part of it. Be sure to tune in on your radio or at Oneplace.com tomorrow.

Just to let you know, yesterday the Scoop switched servers. I finally got motivated to get some reliable web hosting after all this time. I appreciated Joseph Paul's web space which he so graciously provided for six months (maybe even more). I'd just like to recognize him today. Anytime I noticed that the service was having problems, Joseph would say, "Well, I'll add 50 more megs to your account." Joseph was generous with the space he gave me, and I'd just like to say... THANKS. So if you're reading this Joseph, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

I have plans to post all the new goodies for you tomorrow morning. With the new web space, I shouldn't have as many server problems anymore. And, by the way (before I forget), the Town Hall was having some problems. I checked it out today and it looks like it's working again, so start posting again!


Thursday, January 9, 2003     Artwork "May" Wait

With the new season coming up in only TWO DAYS, I decided to check out the Official Site to see if they had any goodies for us, and they did! They just posted some info on "Between You and Me" and "Aubrey's Bathrobe."

Between You and Me (January 11, 2003)

With Novacom defeated and the Odyssey safe once again, Connie and Mitch can finally relax and have a peaceful relationship. Or can they? Whit is concerned for the two of them and Mitch is keeping secrets again. Will their dating life ever be normal?


Aubrey's Bathrobe (January 18, 2003)

A super-Christian makes Aubrey feel inadequate in her new faith. She tries to find a way for God to use her.

Now this makes me excited for the new season! Also while at the site you may want to listen to the triailers to both episodes. I found them to be quite entertaining. Click here to listen. I'm interested to find out how Connie and Mitch will do on the "compatibility quiz"! Listen if you have no idea what I am talking about.


Wednesday, January 8, 2003     Artwork "May" Wait

Unfortunately, the Scoop's artist is under some major stress right now, and the new art section may have to wait. I say "may" because I'm not sure what's going to happen. I may be posting it on Saturday or I may not. If the artist gets all her work done then I could get the stuff posted, but as it is now, she's not ready and we all understand. Right?


Tuesday, January 7, 2003     Last Minute to Ask Me!

Do you have an AIO FAQ question for me? Then why not ask? I hope to be posting a ton of new AIO FAQ answers on Saturday, so I need your last minute questions now! I'm in the process of compiling answers for our current ones and I'd like to draw this to your attention. You have less than four days now to ask me a question. If you'd like to ask me a question, click here. It doesn't necessarily have to be a serious question. The funnier they are, the more fun I have answering them! If you've already asked one, ask one again! I don't care how many you ask!


Monday, January 6, 2003     Site Updates Coming Up

Well, it's back to school for me and it's going to be a stressful two weeks until final exams are over with. I promised some new stuff at this site (I think), so I'll try and release them this Saturday, January 11, 2003. That's the same day the new season begins.

Right now I am still wondering if I actually will be posting the new stuff this Saturday. Lately I have been experiencing server troubles... and that means I can't upload at certain times... and that means I can't post anything new. Thankfully, I am able to haggle and get things uploaded from time to time. As of today, you can expect a pile of new goodies this Saturday. I have a ton of Reviews to post, AIO FAQ's to write, and maybe some other stuff. I've got a ton of Interviews to post but that may have to wait till a future update. Oh, and that image of the "5 days till the new season" is just a little odd way to count down until the new season that begins on Saturday. Yes, if you've noticed, a coin is removed every day! :) Look above if you missed it.


Sunday, January 5, 2003     Secrets... Yes, Another One!

Remember a few months ago (August I believe) a big secret which became AIO Mole began? Well... yet another secret is being kept from you guys, and I can't tell you until it's time to tell the secret! If you noticed that image a few days ago when it mysteriously appeared on the website (yep, it did) then you were probably curious as to what this "BIG" event is going to be. Well, considering the facts, I just cannot tell you what it is. You'll just have to wait until "we" release "it." Now who are "we" and what is "it"? Well "I" just thought I'd let "you" know that "I" can't tell "you"... yet.

In other news... I updated the Schedule for this week below. Also the Schedule page for January is now completed. I updated for the rest of the month.


Friday, January 3, 2003     Caught Up... Finally

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I am finally caught up on my Reviews! All this week I decided to occasionally sit down and just get the writing done, and that's just what I did. It took a lot of patience and perseverance on my part, but I finally reached my goal. Sorry, but you'll just have to wait a few more days for me to post them all. I'm aiming for January 11th to post the reviews, AND some new site stuff. That includes the new art section that some of you are excited about. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas season, and I also hope you're starting those New Year's resolutions!


Wednesday, January 1, 2003     The Beginning of a Year

Ah, the beginning of the year is already here. Can you believe it? There are exactly ten days until the new season of Adventures in Odyssey begins! I hope you're watching the season countdown which has been above for quite some time... the time is getting closer. It isn't the most accurate countdown code because it occasionally skips a second. Not to worry though. Every time you view the page it refreshes back to 'accurate-ness'.

2003 is here and I'd like to challenge you to get a copy of "Through the Bible in a Year". It's only a little pamphlet that you can ask for or get at your church. Each day you read three chapters and it's really thrilling at the end of the year when you finish. I did it two times and it really helps you to picture where the events of the Bible are placed. Don't forget to actually study what you're reading... otherwise you're reading in vain. Happy New Year everyone!

You may want to listen to AIO on the radio this week. "Adventure of the Adventure" airs today, "500" airs tomorrow, and "The Popsicle Kid" airs the day after that. Today I went ahead and updated the Schedule page with the episodes coming up this month. Also (this surprised me) since this blue design to this page came into being I had forgotten to put Interviews on the navigation bar. Oops! Now it's there!



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