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Featured Interview

Marshal Younger shares his
involvement with 90 Devotions for Kids.

Christian Hit Radio (based in Canada) interviews Marshal Younger, Adventures in Odyssey writer for its Wednesday Bookmark program. Marshal discusses his involvement with the writing of 90 Devotions for Kids, an Adventures in Odyssey themed devotional for kids.

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Odyssey Scoop Interviews
Read interviews with many of the writers, directors, and actors who bring Adventures in Odyssey to life.

  Marshal Younger
Marshal Younger - talented writer, director, actor, and published author - shares his insights about his time at Adventures in Odyssey, his best memories, and a little about what he is doing now and in the future.

Nathan Hoobler
Nathan Hoobler is responsible for writing and sometimes directing episodes for
Adventures in Odyssey. He proves his significant writing talent time and time again.
  Paul McCusker
With a career ahead of him and a goal in mind, Paul McCusker has expanded the world of radio, and much of what AIO is today is due to his hundreds of ideas produced into episodes.
  Torry Martin
As a Christian entertainer around the United States, Torry Martin dedicates some of his time to the world of
Adventures in Odyssey. His major contribution has been the creation of Wooten Bassett.

    Voice Talent
  Adam Pavlakovich
As the son of Katie Leigh, Adam had a short opportunity to gain some AIO fame as an interesting character, Cal Jordan. Adam was obliged to enlighten us.
  Brandon Gilberstadt
Most Odyssey fans know him as the mischievous, conspiracy theorist Jared DeWhite. Brandon shares how he got involved with Adventures in Odyssey and his memories gained from working with the Odyssey team. When Jared left Odyssey, he was immediately missed. Learn about his departure from Odyssey and his surprising return during the Novacom Saga. Without Brandon, Jared wouldn't be, er, Jared. And Odyssey wouldn't be the same.
  Corey Burton
Over the years, many voices have appeared on Adventures in Odyssey, hundreds of which are Corey's. Corey steps out from the microphone and tells us his story.
  David Griffin
One of Odyssey's most popular characters of all time, Jimmy Barclay has kept fans laughing and learning since the beginning of the show. David Griffin steps out of the series to give us a behind-the-scenes look into his life.
  Don Long
One character who helped to complete the series was Jack Davis, a boy with a vivid imagination and tricks up his sleeve. Don Long voiced Jack's character for years and has agreed to share with us some behind-the-scenes goodies in this special interview.
  Gabriel Encarnacion
When Lawrence Hodges' character grew up, fans everywhere were sad because of the loss. Gabriel Encarnacion talks about his journey to Odyssey from an actor's point of view.
  Genni Long
Just turn on an episode of Adventures in Odyssey, and there's a good chance you'll hear the chipper voice of Lucy Cunningham-Schultz. The longest surviving Odyssey kid character, Lucy Schultz has always been one of the most popular characters. Genni has agreed to share her adventure in Odyssey... and beyond!
  Katie Leigh
Serving as Odyssey's energetic Whit's End personality, Katie Leigh has brought Connie Kendall's character to life since the beginning of the show. Read what she has to say about her work.
  Travis Tedford
Travis Tedford played Alex Jefferson, a well-loved character by many. Find out what makes Travis Tedford tick.


Audio Interviews

The Adventures in Odyssey online fan community and followers have been excited about discovering the latest news from the actors, writers, and producers of the world's #1 audio drama. In fact, the push to hear behind-the-scenes material is so strong that fans have conducted interviews with AIO team members. Whether featured on fan podcasts, radio broadcasts, or conducted for the experience, the creators are ready to talk about Adventures in Odyssey. It's their first love. We're proud to showcase the best of the best so you can learn more about the stories, actors, and characters of Adventures in Odyssey.

  Marshal Younger, writer  << January 30, 2013
Christian Hit Radio (based in Canada) interviews Marshal Younger, Adventures in Odyssey writer for its Wednesday Bookmarks program. Marshal discusses his involvement with the writing of 90 Devotions for Kids, an Adventures in Odyssey themed devotional for kids.
  Zach Callison, voice of Matthew Parker  << June 27, 2012
The AIO Blogcast interviews Zach Callison, voice of Matthew Parker on Adventures in Odyssey. Zach discusses how became involved in voice acting, his experience at the Adventures in Odyssey 25th Anniversary live show, future albums, and more.
  Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy Straussberg  << February 18, 2012
The AIO Blogcast interviews Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy Straussberg on Adventures in Odyssey. Aria talks about her very first acting job, her faith, her involvement in The Great Wishy Woz, and more.
  Andre Stojka, voice of John Avery Whittaker  << December 10, 2011
The AIO Blogcast interviews Andre Stojka, voice of John Avery Whittaker on Adventures in Odyssey. Andre details how he got into voice acting, his experiences with Adventures in Odyssey, and much more.
  Katie Leigh, voice of Connie Kendall  << November 2, 2011
Host Lynne Ford of WBCL Radio Network (Fort Wayne, Indiana) interviews Katie Leigh. Katie discusses her voice acting career, involvement with Adventures in Odyssey, her well-known character Connie Kendall, and much more. Plus, join Katie as she gives advice to aspiring voiceover artists.

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Video Interviews

Watch behind-the-scenes interviews with the creators of Adventures in Odyssey.


Katie Leigh at Huntington University  << November 10, 2011
Filmmaker Nathan Hartman interviewed Katie Leigh, voice of Adventures in Odyssey's Connie Kendall, on the campus of Huntington University. Katie discusses breaking into her acting career, her many roles, and ultimately what led her to do voice work for Adventures in Odyssey.

Nathan Hoobler on Boundless' "Next-Generation Focus" Webcast  << May 27, 2010
Nathan Hoobler appeared on the first "Next-Generation Focus" webcast at Boundless to discuss Radio Theatre and Adventures in Odyssey. He talks about The Screwtape Letters' recent nomination for the Audie Awards and future Radio Theatre ideas. Then, go behind the scenes as he discusses how he became involved with Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, learn more about the Odyssey team's approach to album 51, Take It from the Top and some of the sound design aspects of the show.

Paul McCusker & Dave Arnold on Cornerstone Television  << June 17, 2009
Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold appeared on Cornerstone Television Network's Focus 4 program regarding the popularity of Adventures in Odyssey. In the interview, they discuss Odyssey's beginnings, news about latest products, and exciting opportunities to reach more audiences with the show.

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Interviews with the Fans

Thousands of listeners have been impacted by Adventures in Odyssey for almost 25 years. Some listened when the show first started. Others tuned in later. And for some, Odyssey is a new place of excitement and discovery and their parents grew up with Odyssey. Read on as the fans talk about their personal adventure in Odyssey.


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Share Your Story

For over two decades, fans have made Adventures in Odyssey a part of their daily routine, from car trips, to vacations, to bedtime entertainment. One of the main things that sticks out about the show is that it isby fara show with the most loyal fans. Whether you grew up with the show, or you're getting to know the characters right now, you have a story to tell. And we're excited to share yours with others. Click here to answer some questions about yourself in our online Interview.

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