Interview with Brandon Gilberstadt

Most Odyssey fans know him as the mischievous, conspiracy theorist Jared DeWhite. Brandon shares how he got involved with Adventures in Odyssey and his memories gained from working with the Odyssey team. When Jared left Odyssey, he was immediately missed as he quickly became a fan favorite. Learn about his departure from Odyssey and his surprising return during the Novacom Saga. Without Brandon, Jared wouldn't be, well... Jared! And Odyssey wouldn't be the same.

How did you start working for "Adventures in Odyssey?"

I actually started working for Odyssey through my church. I was in plays when I was younger and they were holding auditions. I read the script for Jared and received the part.

What was it like playing Jared DeWhite? Do you relate to him in any way?

Playing Jared was always fun because I got to get really into the character and his crazy antics of conspiracy, so it was never a dull moment, however I do not really relate to him, I am more laid back.

What have you learned the most as you played the character of Jared?

What I learned the most as I played the character was how to be truly enthusiastic about not only acting and working but also was how to work with older actors. Before doing Odyssey I was always working with people my own age.

If you could change one thing about your acting on "Adventures in Odyssey," what would it be?

If I could change one thing it would be that I did not have to leave to do Eddie McDowd. I of course do not regret doing that television show and am truly blessed for that opportunity, but I missed everyone in Odyssey and I wished I didn’t have to leave and could have managed to do both, but with contracts and things of that sort I was unable to do so.

If you were to give one piece of advice on how to act, what would you tell someone interested in being an actor?

One piece of advice on acting I would give is to lose yourself in that character. For the short time you are acting, relinquish everything you know and think what would my character be doing, what would my character be thinking? There is much more than just reading the lines you truly have to embody your character.

What do you like and dislike about playing emotional scenes?

I pretty much like every aspect of playing emotional scenes. I like to really "go for it" and try to bring everything I have to emotional scenes. The only negative I might say is having to cry in a scene, especially on camera because for me to do this I usually have to put myself in an obvious negative emotional state by thinking of negative events that have happened in my life, but on the contrary I also enjoy the challenge of crying on cue.

What was your favorite part of working with the AIO team?

My favorite part about working with the AIO team was that everyone was truly nice and a pleasure to work with. They were a lot more personable than other working environments I experienced, so it was always a joy for me to go to the studio because I knew I was going to have fun.

What aspect of the recording sessions did you like and dislike?

I honestly liked pretty much every aspect of the recording sessions. My favorite aspect is that, unlike with television and movies, you do not have to wear makeup and be put into wardrobe so you could be camera ready. I could walk in with pajamas on if I wanted, which I never did, but still I could have!

What led you away from Odyssey for a brief time?

Like I previously mentioned, I left Odyssey for a brief time so I could do the television show 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd. I was the lead actor on that so I was there everyday for 9 to 10 hours a day. It was really too good of an opportunity for me to pass up, but I did miss Odyssey and that is why I returned and would definitely be interested in returning in the future.

How did you feel when you found out you would be coming back to the show for more appearances during and after the Novacom episodes?

When I found out I would be returning I was obviously excited and happy to see everyone that I had missed. Also I have always enjoyed doing radio programs, so it was a win-win.

What other kinds of things (job-related) do you do now?

Right now I am actually a student at the University of Arizona. I graduate this May and then will be moving back to the Los Angeles area where I hope to revive my acting career, because I pretty much left acting after Eddie Mcdowd show, except for a few appearances on AIO, because I wanted to have a regular life and high school experience, I will never regret that decision but now that I did the high school and the college experience I definitely am still passionate and driven to be a successful actor in my adult life.

Looking back, do you have any outstanding memories of working with the AIO team?

I have many outstanding memories working for AIO but something that always stands out to me is the environment and Christian attitudes of the people around me, it truly made it an enjoyable experience every time I came to the studio.

In conclusion, what piece of advice would you like to leave the "Adventures in Odyssey" fans who have embraced your character over the years?

To all my fans that have embraced my character over the years I would truly like to say thank you and I deeply appreciate it. I have received more attention from fans from AIO than maybe anything else I ever did. The fans, just like the AIO crew, are extraordinary people that are passionate and proud in their walk with God, so I feel honored to be a part of not only AIO but as apart of the fans as well, and maybe if we’re all lucky Jared might come back and surprise you a time or two. I would also like to say thank you to Jacob for this interview and I wish you and your website the utmost success.

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