Episode Reviewed:
The Popsicle Kid (480)

Original Airdate: 12/22/01

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

I'm truly not a popsicle kid. I don't really like popsicles, I have no desire whatsoever to eat one of those red, white and blue things, no desire to eat one of those banana-flavored cold treats, and no need for those push pop thingies with Fred and Barney Flintstone's cartoon picture smacked on the outside wrapper. Such is the case with this episode. I don't need this episode.

Well, what can I say? The Popsicle Kid was not what I was hoping for. Why is it not what I was hoping for? Well...

My Speculations:

1. Wooton is in it (keep in mind that when I first heard this episode, I was/am still in the "I need to hear more of Wooton to know whether or not I like him" phase.

2. Two new characters are in it. It just didn't seem like AIO. From the middle of nowhere comes two new kids named Colby and Austin. One kid likes to make things out of popsicle sticks and the other likes to cook. A rather odd way to introduce two possibly long-term characters.

3. Speaking of Wooton... that "ugly house" thing was just dumb. No offense, Wooton, but I don't like your house either. Nice going Bart! Hip Hip Hooray!

Now that we spent thirty seconds delving into the important facts, let's delve into the episode.

Episode? Episode? EPISODE? What episode?! I don't really consider this an episode at all! Well, maybe it is an episode, but it sure doesn't fit in with all the others.

Anyway, The Popsicle Kid, as I'd like to point out, was not easy for me to listen to. It took me three tries before I could actually sit through the show. An episode shouldn't take that many times of listening to figure out what's going on. Even now I am still unclear as to what the actual story was about. I guess that I'll have to wait until the album comes out.

According to Jared Walczak at Odyssey Radio:

"A dumb kid named Colby likes popsicles. A not-so-dumb kid named Austin likes to cook. He would be decent except he makes friends with Colby and Wooten. Then there is Wooten, who Bart tries to supply with Electric Palace sponsored decorations for advertising and to let the area win a contest. Then there is Rodney being really stupid for his age. Then they all get along and live happily ever after."

MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY! I guess you could say that the above quote pretty much sums up the story, even though I never could seem to comprehend it. The reason you are reading a quote by Jared was because I had asked him a few weeks before this review hit the web what the episode was about. That was his reply. Little wonder, coming from Jared. (In case you don't know, Jared and I always chat on AOL Instant Messenger, so there won't be any feelings hurt because of this review.)

The sound and production were as to be expected... really good. If it hadn't have been for Wooton, I actually would have enjoyed this episode. Everyone, please bear with me... I am still trying to recover from Wooton's sudden wacky appearance on a radio show of tranquillity. Well... maybe it isn't THAT tranquil.

Jacob gives The Popsicle Kid a rating of  2 out of 5 cones, only because he couldn't seem to grasp the idea that... alas, Wooton was back for another episode.

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