Episode Reviewed: Aubrey's Bathrobe (504)

Writer: Bob Hoose

Production Engineer: Alan Hurley

Original Airdate: 1/18/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Aubrey's Bathrobe

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Episode Summary: A super-Christian makes Aubrey feel inadequate in her new faith. She tries to find a way for God to use her.


Theme: Using our ability to serve God (Colossians 3:17)

"I knew it. I sensed that there would be a new sphere in our orbit...A trout! How perfect! I told you that the season was right for this move... What could be more welcoming than an Aubrey with a trout? ... Aubrey, I love your aura." [Mrs. Young]


The Review

What an interesting way to begin an AIO episode. A new family moves into Aubrey Shepard's neighborhood and the parents are not saved. Mrs. Young was introduced in this episode and her speech was really surprising to hear on the show. Having an obsessed astrologer on the show may capture the stupidity of such a lifestyle. AIO has covered the problems with astrology before but seeing one who practices astrology opens up doors for future development. There may be some AIO fans whose parents are just like Mrs. Young, and exposing some of the problems with the belief system of Astrology may expose the truth to the family. I think it's important that radio drama delves into certain topics to help many people.


I didn't know Connie Kendall had an aunt Beatrice. She seems to have a lot of relatives because lately she's been mentioning her long-lost relatives that we've never heard about. In Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips Connie complains about her yellow sweater that looks like something her "aunt Edna wore in the the 1800's." It seems rather cliched that Connie keeps mentioning people she's never talked about before. AIO needs to be more accurate on the show.


Yep, my speculations were correct. Before this episode aired, I suspected that Aubrey's bathrobe would be used as a fleece. Though I'm not really sure why the episode is called Aubrey's Bathrobe. She only uses her bathrobe for less than thirty seconds before the second commercial break. At the end when the thunder crashed after Aubrey shouted to the sky, it seemed rather disrespectful towards God. That's just my opinion, but it may seem like that to other listeners too.


It was definitely great to have Bethany Shepard back on the show. Her voice definitely went through a change since Opportunity Knocks so she doesn't have the cute voice she used to have. I think now that Bethany sounds older the writers should consider that and write her character as a more mature being. No more crazy talking, no more weirdness. Bethany sounds like a 9-10 year-old now, and 9-10 year-olds begin maturing at that age. Maybe Bethany's just a rare exception.


Most importantly, the moral to this episode was very inspiring. When I listened it captured my heart and I decided that I hadn't been focusing on my "future focus" as much as I should be. We all can learn lessons from Aubrey's Bathrobe.



The Rating

All in all, this episode was well done. I give Aubrey's Bathrobe 3 and 1/2 cones out of 5.

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