Episode Reviewed: Exceptional Circumstances (496)

Writer: John Beebee, Kathy Wierenga, & Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Glenn Montjoy

Original Airdate: 6/15/02

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Exceptional Circumstances

Episode Summary: As Whit, Connie, Jason, and the rest of the gang figure out the final pieces of the plot, they wonder if anything can be done to stop it.


Theme: Exposing the truth

Exceptional Circumstances was an exceptional circumstance in of itself. Not only did Tom Riley get his wife back, but Agnes Riley was completely healed by the wave therapy treatment she'd received. What could possibly be more exceptional than that?

This episode was very well thought out. I was pleased with Walker Edmiston's acting in this episode. After hearing his acting in Box of Miracles, I was worried that he'd crossed the line with his acting and there was no return. I guess I was wrong, for he's back to his good acting again. The voice that played Agnes Riley did a very nice job herself. Her soft tone of voice and joyful attitude made me enjoy listening to her even more. Towards the end of the episode I was beginning to love Agnes Riley as if she'd been a main character on the show for years, and the heartbrake of listening to her screw up hurt me as a listener. When Tom came in for dinner and Agnes was cooking, my heart dropped when I realized that Agnes' normality wouldn't be lasting for long. Healthy Agnes was a one-time thing. I was very upset about that.

We finally found out what Monica Stone's motives were in Exceptional Circumstances, and it was good to know that she wasn't a horrible bad guy. She's a person just like the rest of us, but she tried to seek help from an evil company for her brother Duncan Mathis. The acting in the scene when Monica meets up with Jason once again was very well acted. The actress that plays Monica hopefully has a long future on the show. I'm sure ready to hear her voice some more!

As I mentioned in my review of Box of Miracles, Tom and Whit actually disagreed on something and it was good to hear that they "get into it" every now and then. Exceptional Circumstances is an even better example of this because I could just feel the awkward feeling Whit must have been feeling after he said "I'm sorry to bother you." Me said this directly after Tom told him that he didn't believe him on the wave therapy reversal. This scene shows how Whit and Tom's relationship is getting distant... a heartbreaking part of the episode. Whit and Tom have known each other for years, but now it seems as if there's an awkward event occurring.

This episode had great sound design, and I was excited to learn later on that a helicopter flew overhead in the scene when Tom and Agnes decide to sit down on the ground together. I learned that the Chairman (the main bad guy) was taking the upload hardware to be installed in the tower in Connellsville. This is later introduced in Exit.

I give Exceptional Circumstances 4 and 1/2 out of 5 cones. All in all, thrilling and emotional episode.

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