Episode Reviewed:
Exit (499)

Writer: Kathy Weirenga & Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Rob Jorgensen

Original Airdate: July 6, 2002

Rating (out of 5 cones):


Episode Summary: The whole gang races to prevent "launch date," but finds Andromeda's plans to thwart them all the more frightening.


Theme: The ultimate victory of truth


When I consider all the excitement that went on during the weeks before "Exit" aired (for example: The Soda Fountain and AIO HQ's Exit Countdown, the Town Hall lighting up like a Christmas tree with questions, thoughts, and theories, etc.), I must say that everyone was looking forward to the dramatic conclusion to the Novacom Saga. I must admit that I was as well.

Considering all the excitement for the show and all the tension that was released during "Exit," my opinions must come out too. I was very pleased with the episode because of its wonderful sound design. The music and sound mixed together perfectly, leaving behind a 25 minute trail of tension.

At the end of the episode when Eugene called up on the answering machine, my heart leaped out of my chest! The very thought of Will Ryan actually going to the Adventures in Odyssey studio gave me a ray of hope. But... it wasn't so. From what I heard, the AIO crew provided yet another "cut-and-paste" Eugene. I only say "cut-and-paste" because one of my online friends, Jared Walczak, used it, therefore the name sticks.

As I was about to say, the "cut-and-paste" Eugene is not the second one we've heard. Try Plan B for starters. Even so, I was very pleased with the way they brought Eugene back, except this questions keeps appearing again and again in my mind. Why can't Eugene return now? He said in his message that he can't honestly say when he'll be back. Does that mean that Eugene and Katrina are on their honeymoon or are they still hiding from Andromeda?

Onto the mop...yes, the mop. At first I was confused about why Nick Mulligan would be mopping the ceiling when Mr. Charles nervously said this to Connie. But then he went on to explain that he wasn't mopping the ceiling, he was mopping the roof. Still I can side with Charles here because you never ever hear stories of people mopping their roofs. You hear about some obese man in red every Christmas Eve who has a hint of cookies in his moustache, but no mopping teenagers!

Finally in wrapping up, the storyline was excellent. The very idea of Tom Riley, who knows absolutely nothing about computers, being walked through computer gizmos and gadgets to save the town of Odyssey (and the world) was a interesting contrast. Oh yeah, don't forget the 'Connie being kidnapped part.' At first it reminded me of Hank Murray when he came to Whit's End and robbed Eugene, and then when Mitch saved the day... HAIRCUTS! I absolutely loved Connie's getting sidetracked about Mitch's haircut and how it looked nice! I love how Connie tends to make fun of danger, for, yes she has made fun of danger a few times in the series. "Hold-Up" was another great hit because of Connie's ability to play with danger. Now that the danger's over and everything is returning back to normal in Odyssey, I am anxious to see how AIO will begin things a-new, having Whit talk to the kids, interesting mysteries solved, and Connie and Mitch's relationship. And I must not forget Agnes. She's been through a lot and I am interested in that possible storyline.


- - - - -


Overall, great episode, wonderful sound design, and excellent writing. I give "Exit" 5 cones out of 5. Somebody go get the mop!

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