Episode Reviewed: Plan B (484, 485, 486, 487)

Original Airdate: January 26, 2002 - February 16, 2002

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Plan B: Missing in Action

Warning: Do NOT read this review unless you have already heard the episode or you haven't heard the episode and don't mind knowing the ultimate outcome of the plot.

What a strange episode! A lot happens during the course of 22 minutes, but it seems like it's a few days! I have to admit that hearing the first part of "Plan B" was a bit disturbing, which I will mention later. For now, let's take an overview of all the excitement during the episode:

1. Connie discovers that Mitch has five messages waiting for her. One of which is in a sarcastic, yet romantic, tone.

2. Whit wonders why he can't get in touch with Eugene or the Shanks family and decides to head for Chicago, but doesn't go.

3. Whit and Connie discover that Eugene's dorm room has been burglarized and find out that Eugene "stole" the research stuff.

4. Connie calls Janice Mitchell and discovers that Armitage Shanks is in unstable condition and there's a possible funeral...wedding situation.

5. The Allens meet up with Brandon Teller, who is now a pastor, and is even married. Brandon proceeds to tell Jack and Joanne that he married Eugene and Katrina at Armitage's bedside.

6. Whit gets a mysterious email from Eugene Meltsner warning him about Andromeda and how "things are not as they seem."

That pretty much sums up the entire episode, and no explaining from me could ever tell you how interesting and exciting this episode is. Believe me, you'll be questioning and wondering by time this episode is over. Could it possibly be true? Are Eugene and Katrina finally married? Since I brought it up, now would be the perfect chance to describe to you my DISAPPOINTMENT! Yes, sadly I say DISAPPOINTMENT. You're probably wondering WHY I am disappointed. Well there are two reasons:

1. I wasn't pleased with how they got married. Wow. I'll admit that it was exciting to see Eugene and Katrina finally get married, but where they were and why they were there made for a very unpleasant marriage. Good grief! How is a person supposed to enjoy a wedding when Katrina's father dies the second they kiss? Maybe his seeing those two lovebirds get mushy was what killed him. Then again, the doctors said it was a brain tumor...

2. My second reason is probably what I am going to end up ranting and raving about in this review the most: WHY? Why did the AIO producers go ahead and use PREVIOUS lines by Eugene and Katrina to fit in? Did they think we wouldn't notice? Well I've got some news for them! I noticed! And it made the marriage seem so cheesy because of it.

As you can see, the first reason above explains the depressing scene of the marriage. But the second is what really bugs me. Why WOULD they do that? Why would they bring up the possibility that AIO fans will be disappointed... like me? To tell you the truth, this didn't really seem like a marriage because the actor and actress who play Eugene and Katrina weren't at the recording session and the wedding was very depressing. They pretty much eloped! I personally think that AIO should have waited a few more years to actually have a proper wedding, rather than to get Novacom/Andromeda involved.

Speaking of Novacom and Andromeda being involved, wouldn't it be weird if they caused Armitage Shanks' tumor? They definitely have the capabilities and technology for it. After all, it seems as if Armitage was involved in some way by giving Eugene a job at the college. Maybe that's why he's now dead. Being dead can be a bad thing as well. No more storylines with that character. Now that Eugene and Katrina are married, we can't see anymore family spats and squabbles. Remember the engagement ring incident?

I am very glad that Brandon is involved in this episode, even though he wasn't played by the same actor. Marrying Eugene and Katrina was a nice touch for Brandon's part, and finding out that he's now married and preaching at a church was encouraging.

Before I wrap up this review, I thought I would take you through my theories. Theories? What theories? You probably didn't even know that I knew what a theory is. Anyway, here's my theories:

1. Since it seems as if Eugene and Katrina's wedding was boring, maybe Brandon is faking his being a pastor. Maybe he isn't an ordained minister at all! Maybe... Eugene and Katrina aren't really married!

2. Along those lines, maybe Brandon IS a pastor after all, and Eugene and Katrina and Brandon are setting up a little hoax to trick everyone to save him and Katrina's skins! You know how he said in his email to Whit, "things are not as they seem" ? Maybe they faked the wedding and are planning on getting married later! Maybe we won't be disappointed when we find out that they're not married yet!

3. Lastly, this whole "marriage" thing could be a good way for AIO to be rid of Eugene's character. Just look at the last couple of seasons. Where's Eugene? Certainly not here. Where is he? Maybe he's not coming back and doesn't care! Maybe AIO has decided to demolish Eugene and kill his storyline!

My theories are not necessarily good ones, but I hope number 2 DOES happen. I was not pleased with the marriage. Boring. Not as one expects. Sad. Incipid. Lifeless. Fake because of the actors not being there. Whatever!

I certainly hope parts two, three, and four will reveal my theories (not counting number 3) in the next coming weeks. We'll all just have to watch for something good to happen.

Plan B: Collision Course

Part two of Plan B was just as can be expected... GREAT! I was at my grandma's house at the time I listened to this episode, and I couldn't tape it! I usually tape the new episodes whenever they air, then I later purchase the album. This episode is DEFINITELY worth taping.

I was surprised at all the excitement, intrigue, and mystery. What I like most about these episodes is how... how well they're put together and what they DON'T tell you as you listen! Finding out that AREM is (maybe he isn't) Robert Mitchell, and that Robert Mitchell turned up dead... well... very intriguing! Personally I don't think Mitch is dead. Why? Because. Just because. You may all be fooled, but I'm not. At least I hope not.

Part two was very VERY exciting! Lots of action-adventure, and I hope to hear part three soon.

Plan B: Cross-fire

Wow! It must have been hard for Connie to go through what she has to go through now! Is Mitch really dead? Maybe Connie is all distressed about nothing! Katie Leigh (the voice of Connie Kendall) did a superb job of crying. Things were very emotional and I can only congratulate the acting! I've heard that this episode was recorded right around the time of the September 11th terrorist attacks. I have also heard that none of the actors were immediately affected, but just the events helped to enhance the actors' acting. What a good episode!

Hmm... what is in this package? What is in it? From the previews for the next part of Plan B, it seems as if Mr. Charles has been duped... or however you spell that.

I was a little unhappy about the "Odyssey Scrapbook" at the end of the show, but I wasn't too disappointed. I just thought that the episode was too short and could use some more time added on. Who exactly is Monica Stone?

Plan B: Resistance

This episode was definitely worth hearing! Not only did we get to see more action, but we also got to see more of Connie's reaction to Mitch's death! Connie almost had ME in tears as I listened to HER cry!

This episode is very good. Oh no! Could it be that Arthur Dent is going to die too? That just isn't fair if they kill off all characters! Mitch... Armitage... ARTHUR? Arthur's a good character, and I think he would be better off alive. Don't kill him!

Very exciting episode... especially when I heard Wooton talking to Connie. Hmm... a new love relationship? At first I didn't hope so...but now I do. Wooton's character is STARTING to grow on me. ONLY STARTING. Maybe there's hope after all! And for Connie!


Overall, Plan B was worth hearing. A new type of music to give everything a sad feeling, good sounds, great intrigue. Jacob gives this episode 4 cones out of 5. Please let things "not be as they seem!" (refer to part one's review)

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