Episode Reviewed: Box of Miracles (494)

Writer: Nathan Hoobler

Production Engineer: Rob Jorgensen

Original Airdate: 6/1/02

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Box of Miracles

Episode Summary: Whit tries to do all he can to stop Novacom's latest developments, but they have ways of stopping him.


Theme: Putting our faith in God, not science

Box of Miracles definitely sounded like an interesting title for an Adventures in Odyssey episode. The fact that the word "miracles" is in it made me wonder what the episode was about. Thankfully I finally got to listen to the episode the day it aired. I was very happy with the storyline. At the beginning when Chris did her "Previously on Adventures in Odyssey" run-through I was surprised to hear VERY previous scenes from The Other Woman. I remember wondering how AIO would tie her into the story... and my! They really did!

The acting in this episode was as can be expected from AIO: very good. However, when Tom is asking Whit to go with him to Hillingdale Haven he asks Tom to be patient. Whit replies cheesily, "Alright, Tom, I'll be patient." Something about how Paul Herlinger said those words seemed cheesy, not to mention boring. Speaking of voices... I was very excited to hear that the original actress of Agnes Riley stepped in again as Agnes. I have always gotten very unthankful when I listen to an Odyssey episode and an actor replaces the original actor. For example, later in the Novacom Saga Armitage Shanks is replaced by a voice that is not even close to the original. I just wish AIO would go to the extremes to get the original voices. That way the entire series pieces together and they don't have crazy fans like me getting irritated!

It was very satisfying to hear that AIO tied in some things they had said in The Other Woman about Agnes Riley. Agnes used to paint and now she's painting again, and she also remembered when they celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Whit's End (Thank You, God). Since the new era of AIO episodes (it started when totally new characters were introduced in Signed, Sealed & Committed) I have always been worried that AIO won't mention events that have happened in the past on the show. I am always excited when characters in the series relate to things... it makes the show seem more real and connected together like a big story. Fortunately it never ends... yet.

This episode had one funny thing... Arthur Dent. I remember cracking up in laughter when Arthur Dent was being all sinister and creepy when he was talking with Whit, and then he just cracks and says, "Would you like a muffin?" I loved that scene. Also the voice they got to play Martha Carmen on the Cryin' Brian Dern show was perfect. The woman sounded like a real brat in real life. It was nice to hear from Cryin' Brian Dern once more because he makes the show tick. 

I was especially glad with what AIO did for the ending. The Novacom Saga really teaches the listener that prayer is very important. I like it when characters actually pray on the show because showing a listener that may not know how to pray will help that listener. I'm sure there are many new Christians because of Adventures in Odyssey, and many probably do not know how to pray... probably because they aren't in a church or something.

Oh, did I mention that I love it when characters disagree on something? I appreciated the scene when Tom goes against Whit's wishes and tells him that he's wrong to try and remove Agnes from her wave therapy treatments.

I give Box of Miracles 4 out of 5 cones. If I had four ice cream cones I'd be willing to ship them to the first four people who apply...

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