Episode Reviewed: Sheep's Clothing (493)

Writer: Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Glenn Montjoy

Original Airdate: 5/25/02

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Sheep's Clothing

Episode Summary: Monica Stone tries to get Eugene Meltsner's disk from Jason Whittaker, and Jason


Theme: Recognizing deception

For weeks, Sheep's Clothing was on my mind because I had wondered what the title could possibly mean. Many AIO fans, as they usually do when new episodes are about to air, decided to start guessing ahead of time as to what the episode might be about. The most logical reason (by looking at the title alone) was that a character that is thought to be a "good guy" would really turn out to be bad. The idea that sticks out in my mind the most (and the one I agreed on myself) was that, according to pre-listening guessing, Margaret Faye was in this episode, but she had changed her ways. She was not a "good guy" anymore, and apparently, her true cunning, evil ways would be let out of the bag. This idea was based on what Bart Rathbone said in The One About Trust. According to Bart, Margaret planned on "breaking up the old boys network" when she became mayor. Fans of the show drew conclusions that she indeed would turn raw on them. Of course this idea never actually was broadcast when Sheep's Clothing aired on the radio... many fans were very wrong on their assumptions that Margaret would be involved in the Novacom Saga.

Getting into the episode, I must admit that I really enjoyed it. We had only seen Monica Stone's bad, creepy side, but hearing her more light and happy side (at least it seemed that way) was quite enthralling. Unfortunately she turned out to be questionable in her motives and that just adds more to the suspense. I was pleased with the way AIO handled Monica's character in this episode, except I was bothered by her comment:

I can tell you what they're going to have for breakfast before they know themselves. They're predictable.

Now, don't get me wrong, but doesn't that seem a little fishy to you? We've barely seen Monica Stone on the show and suddenly she "knows" just about everything about Jason and Walter, to the point that she knows whether or not they're going to eat waffles or pancakes. That seems just a bit unrealistic to me.

As I've previously mentioned, this episode was very enjoyable in every aspect, but as I am a pessimist (to an extent), I must pick at yet something else. Good old Whit... what happened to you? Back in the day Whit was never out to blame, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Whit greatly surprised me when he told the FBI:

There's something you should know about her.

Whit was referring to Erica Colburn and how her father works at Novacom. That's just a bit unsettling on my nerves. At the beginning of the Novacom Saga in Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips, Whit told Connie that he's not against Mitch because he works at Novacom. So now... why would he want to nab Mr. Colburn because he works at Novacom?

I believe I mentioned this in my review of Twisting Pathway, but I'll reiterate what I've said there. Whit is different now. Back in the day, Whit used to look for the facts before blaming someone for wrongdoing. The Middle East must have changed Whit's personality because I don't know Mr. Whittaker anymore. Now don't get me wrong, Mr. Whittaker is a great character, but how he acted directly at the beginning of the episode really irritates me. He told Agent Bourland that Erica Colburn helped Novacom steal the Imagination Station. If the Novacom Saga took place, say, 30 albums ago, Mr. Whittaker would not be so quick to place the blame.

Switching gears... I'm very interested to find out what's going to happen between Jason and Monica. Hopefully, if the AIO team permits, we'll see Monica receive Christ as her personal Saviour and she and Jason can get hitched. That is to say that they'll have a few interesting episodes before that happens of course!

I give Sheep's Clothing 4 out of 5 cones. All in all, this episode belongs anywhere but in the Snow Day category... if you know what I mean.

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