Episode Reviewed: Snow Day (466)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

To tell you the truth, I think that this is probably the worst Adventures in Odyssey episode that I have ever heard. That's pretty bad considering that I am a definite candidate for the major AIO fans list. I remember listening to it still for the first time. The stupidity unveiled itself right as the episode began!

The one thing I remember thinking was, "Is this really going to be put into the next AIO album, 'Danger Signals'?" I might think twice about getting it now. But I know I will end up getting the album because I have all the albums as it is, and I'd really like to continue my collection, for a collection isn't a collection without having every single one!

Now to the episode itself. I always thought Rodney Rathbone was just a little mature, but when I heard "Snow Day," it proved I was wrong. Either I was wrong or the AIO people were wrong for making the episode! What a pathetic character Rodney has turned out to be! For goodness sake! He was chasing Alex Jefferson for his cookies! What makes it even dumber is, he was chasing him for cookies that he ended up being allergic to! Talk about a stupid idea! And it seems as if whoever wrote this episode (I have a pretty good idea who because I recognize his/her writing and am not too fond of it) was paralleling an old story about a certain Little Red Riding Hood. I noticed that right away.

"Snow Day," in my opinion, also seems to be encouraging young children to risk their lives sledding down a hill towards an ice covered river! It seems rather strange because in an episode titled, "Isaac the Courageous," the Bones of Wrath are daring kids to walk across ice to get a stick and bring it back so they can join the club. Back in that episode they portrayed ice-covered rivers dangerous. But now in "Snow Day," I guess now it's not dangerous anymore and it's worth risking my life to save my grandma's cookies! Hmmm... I don't think I will ever enjoy listening to this episode in the future. It's just too unrealistic and contradicting.

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