Episode Reviewed: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips (463)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

This new Mitch guy is so perfect for Connie! She needs a boyfriend in who she can argue with because of misunderstanding. It seems like we're heading back for the old days when Connie and Eugene fought over every stupid thing that came along. Something is missing now without those arguments. But now that this Robert Mitchell guy is down in Odyssey to stay, it looks as if there's a ray of hope for Connie... and us! Now AIO can use Connie and Mitch to get to know each other and to argue like the good old days.

I think that this episode is good in every aspect, except how this Novacom business is already causing such a problem in its first season. These kind of things take time. Look at it. There has already been a riot broken out. It doesn't seem realistic. It could be realistic though.

Other than that, it was nice hearing Rodney in his old type of characteristics again. Refer to "Snow Day" for what I mean.

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