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Hello AIO Fan,
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Website Spotlight
The Odyssey Scoop has always placed an emphasis on fan interaction and involvement with the site. In that light, you have the opportunity to participate in interviews, write reviews, ask questions, and more. Our AIO F.A.Q. section is now updated with 64 answers to your Odyssey questions! If you asked a question in the past, it's now up! Who wouldn't want to know what happened to Connie's fish named Ker-plunk... or how much Eugene weighs... or even whether or not Mr. Whittaker ever makes mistakes? The answers await. Enter now. Then ask a question of your own.
Some other special updates are coming by the end of August, so you won't want to miss out on the excitement. We are also pleased to announce that our site homepage now includes the latest news about Odyssey, in daily update form. Now you can check back every day to see what's going on with Odyssey! Head over and get in on the fun!
Odyssey News
Much has happened since our last newsletter! Adventures in Odyssey celebrated its 20th anniversary on August 16th with exciting festivities at Focus on the Family. The folks who bring Whit, Eugene, Connie, Bernard, Chris, and many others performed two live recordings of an upcoming episode and signed autographs. Fans also had an opportunity to meet some voices from the past, such as Lucy Schultz, Jack Davis, Jimmy Barclay, and others.
One of the main features of the event was the release of Adventures in Odyssey: The Official GuideIt's definitely a book you won't want to miss! We'd like to thank the AIO team for the promotion of our "Where Odyssey Is Not" section on page 200! Also, if you drop by the Acknowledgements page, you may see a familiar webmaster's name! Thanks, AIO!
It has certainly been an exciting summer for Adventures in Odyssey. Can you believe that the series has run for so long? Album 50, The Best Small Town, is out in stores now! Other exciting releases are planned for future months, and the audio series is in the process of a major redesign of albums. You can visit our Albums page for more information.
In the Know
As you wait for new episodes in Fall 2009, be sure and check the Odyssey Scoop for the daily and weekly broadcast schedules. We have up-to-date information regarding episodes far in the future. Listen accordingly.
Thank you for reading this newsletter. As always, if you're interested in learning more about the webmaster, point your browser to The site contains a collection of audio recordings, videos, poetry, short stories, wallpaper, photos, and more.
Again, thanks for reading. And thank you for making the Odyssey Scoop a fun place to be!
Jacob Isom
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