Adventures in Odyssey:
Encore Collection
The party isn't over yet! After the runaway success of Platinum Collection, don't miss this exciting new Adventures in Odyssey collection that celebrates the family values and unforgettable characters of everyone's favorite small town. Encore Collection spotlights our greatest adventures by decade—1980's, 1990's and 2000's—with laughs, suspense, teachable moments, and more in every story. Plus, this set features photos and other bonus material introducing families to the show's fun characters, talented actors, and even how Adventures in Odyssey is made.


Episodes Included
Picks from the 1980's

005: Gifts for Madge and Guy
042: The Last Great Adventure of the Summer
049: Thank You, God
050: Karen
057: The Prodigal, Jimmy
079: Our Best Vacation Ever
066: The Imagination Station I
067: The Imagination Station II
082: Heatwave
Picks from the 1990's
109: Two Sides to Every Story
113: Suspicious Minds
158: A Day in the Life
165: Bernard and Esther I
166: Bernard and Esther II
194: A License to Drive
256: Aloha Oy! I
257: Aloha Oy! II
258: Aloha Oy! III
280: Gone...
281: ...But Not Forgotten
288: The Twilife Zone
385: It's a Pokenberry Christmas I
386: It's a Pokenberry Christmas II
400: The Spy Who Bugged Me

Picks from the 2000's

440: I Slap Floor
466: Snow Day
515: BTV: Behind the Scenes
516: Bassett Hounds
551: Stars in Our Eyes
567: Two Friends and a Truck
591: Switch
605: The Chosen One I
606: The Chosen One II
609: Prequels of Love
638: The Triangled Web I
639: The Triangled Web II

Bonus Features (CD only)

  • Adventures in Odyssey Timeline

  • Key Characters

  • Highlights from Odyssey artwork throughout the decades


Album Notes

The Platinum Collection is intended for "Casual Fans" (those who own very few albums, but would like to get a full understanding of the show's full range). This album contains 12 CDs with a total of 36 episodes. The set is divided into three wallets containing 4 CDs each.

The Encore Collection complements the Platinum Collection quite well. Both products are similar in design and purpose.

Our Review


So for a while there, I was worried that since I already have the entire Odyssey collection, it wouldn't be worth it to get a copy of the Encore Collection. Boy, was I wrong! If you're having the same problem, then let me tell you a little bit about what you get.


For starters, the packaging is beautiful. The box contains three separate sets. Each set features a different decade from the Adventures in Odyssey era. It may interest many of you that the 1980's portion of the product has a nice tip-of-the-hat to artist Bruce Day in that they showcased a couple of his pieces which appeared on albums. He illustrated the earlier collections before they were released as the Gold Audio Series. When you open the 1990's set you'll notice a showcase of the artwork from that era as well. The 2000's set follows suit and features some of our current artist's work, Gary Locke. But that's not all.


Each set in the Encore Collection contains a special behind-the-scenes write-up about each decade, a Key Characters sections, and an interesting Timeline. In essence, you get a three-decade quick summary of the key events around town. If you have the Official Guide, we'll just call the Encore Collection a very abbreviated form of it. This collection is great for collectors and new fans. I'd certainly recommend it for new listeners who don't know where to start with a collection of 50+ albums.


To collectors out there, I'd say go for it. I know you're out there, trying to decide if it's worth the purchase. Likewise, I also highly recommend the Platinum Collection as well. It also has some behind-the-scenes features, fun facts, and highlights of older artwork as well. Not to mention you get 12 CDs in each collection. It's AIO at its best!


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