Adventures in Odyssey:
Platinum Collection
Adventures in Odyssey is celebrating! This showcase set includes 36 audio stories from everyone's favorite small town—the producers' picks from our first 20 years. Comedies, musicals, heartwarming moments and even thrilling cliffhangers are all part of this introduction to Odyssey's colorful characters. Your family will learn timeless values together… plus enjoy all-new photos and insights on how the show is created. Join the party!


Episodes Included

Family Matters

152: The Meaning of Sacrifice
219: Treasures of the Heart
552: Sunday Morning Scramble
CD#2 Imagine That!
144: Someone to Watch Over Me
184: Isaac the Chivalrous
230: Our Father
CD#3 Lessons of the Heart
224: Greater Love
365: Clara
412: A Lesson from Mike
CD#4 Once Upon a Time...
012: The Tangled Web
061: The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church
539: Called On in Class
CD#5 Lights, Camera, Action!
141: Over the Airwaves
210: On Solid Ground
345: B-TV: Compassion
CD#6 Cliffhangers
142: Train Ride
223: Real Time
277: It Happened at Four Corners
CD#7 Inno-ventions
046: The Shepherd and the Giant
211: The Mortal Coil I
212: The Mortal Coil II
CD#8 What a Character!
213: Best Intentions
243: Family Values
472: Welcoming Wooton

Straight from Scripture

087: Elijah I
088: Elijah II
321: Hidden in My Heart
CD#10 Making the Past Present
092: The Ill-Gotten Deed
149: By Dawn's Early Light
221: It Is Well
CD#11 (Almost) Broadway Musicals
453: The Great Wishy Woz I
454: The Great Wishy Woz II
572: Odyssey Sings!
CD#12 Life Decisions

Connie I

052: Connie II
330: The Time Has Come

Bonus Features
  • The People of Odyssey written features

  • Fun facts about Odyssey written feature

  • Photos of the Adventures in Odyssey team and behind the scenes tidbits

  • How the Town of Odyssey Got Its Name written feature

  • Highlights from Odyssey artwork throughout the decades


Album Notes

The Platinum Collection is intended for "Casual Fans" (those who own very few albums, but would like to get a full understanding of the show's full range). This album contains 12 CDs with a total of 36 episodes. The set is divided into three wallets containing 4 CDs each.

The Platinum Collection complements the Encore Collection quite well. Both products are similar in design and purpose.


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