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What are your thoughts on the Spring 2012 season of Adventures in Odyssey (The Deep End)?

Think back to all the odd names used during the 20+ years of AIO. What do you think is the oddest name on the show?

Will you be attending the 25th anniversary of Adventures in Odyssey in 2012? What would you like to see happen?


When did you first begin listening to Adventures in Odyssey? What was the first episode you heard? Share your story!

Where do you see the characters of Eugene and Katrina Meltsner in five years?

What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey album of all time and why?



What is your favorite saga of the Adventures in Odyssey series and why?

What makes an Odyssey episode worth listening to again? If you had the opportunity to create an episode, where would the story take listeners?

What is your favorite part of visiting The Odyssey Scoop? When did you first discover us? Which feature is your favorite? What can we do to improve?

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Early in the site's history, we gave our visitors a chance to speak as Eugene would speak, or even tell a story with episode titles.


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