October-December 2008 Poll:

Walker Edmiston, voice of two of Odyssey's main characters, passed away in February 2007. Do you think that Adventures in Odyssey should find a replacement actor(s) for the voices of Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone? [271 votes total]
Yes, but only replace Bart Rathbone (37) 14%
Yes, but only replace Tom Riley (13) 5%
Yes, replace both characters (133) 49%
No, do not replace anyone. (88) 32%

Voter Comments

The shouldn't replace Tom. Maybe they should just move him away.

Well, I thought the replacement for Whit was smooth and just as special now as Hal Smith. But the Katrina replacement...ugh... no offense, but her voice just isn't the same. I hope they pick a good replacement, if they can find one...possible, but not probable. Walker was one with his characters.

I'm really going to miss Walker Edminston!! He was a great actor, and God really worked thru him and others to make Adv. In Odyssey such a success!!

Although I do not think anyone can fully take Walker's place, his roles in the town of Odyssey are so important that I don't think his characters can just die/be suddenly removed from town.

I'll definitely miss hearing him in Adventures in Odyssey!!!

I think the new Bart actor could be a little better, and I wish they used Paul Herlinger for Tom.

In my personal opinion, neither Tom or Bart should not be replaced. Period. There is only one Tom and Bart, and I may boycott Odyssey if they dare replace either of them. Bart and Tom should both die in the series, possibly in a accident involving them both.

When Hal Smith died, Odyssey slowly seemed to die with him. I think replacing the characters of Bart and Tom, would finally break Odyssey forever.

I voted that Tom should NOT be replaced. Tom is one of those kind, warm, Grandpa type characters that CANNOT be replaced.

Bart would be another discussion. Now Bart IS a different kind of character, but he would be one that could be replaced. Bart is also a younger character, so I think that they should keep him in. It would be hard to replace either of them, but I think that Bart would be easier to replace. Anyway, they're the Rathbones, who would own the local "junk store", make everyone pay high prices, AND harass their customers? Who would be the Odyssey town "punk"?

Who else in Odyssey met each other in while the were in a detention of some sort? That's my take on it.

I'm sorry but I can't stand how awful the new Katrina sounds! Her voice is nasally and whiny and replacing her ruins the romance between she and Eugene! She's not nearly as sweet as the original, nor as kind. She sounds like a brat. No offense to her, I just don't care for her as Katrina.

I don't like Tasha's new voice, or Katrina's.

I think they should keep Tom & Bart. It would be lacking without them. Does anybody remember hearing the new Bart anyways? It was one of the Best Small Town ones. Something about Edwin's theatre, and they had a little bit of Bart. My brother and I were listening to it, and we both go 'wait, that's supposed to be Bart? What happened to Walker?' (I found out later that he had passed away.) Sure, it didn't sound the same, but we've all gotten used to the new Katrina haven't we?

The thing isss.. Tom and Bart are apart of Odyssey! When Whit was changed it was hard for all of us. But over time it was business as usual. I don't know if I would want to go without hearing Toms voice once in a while, especially since he is one of Whits best friends and accountability partners. The funny way he interacts with Eugene? Hilarious. Change is hard but if we begin to walk it out it will be easier... BRING THEM BACK! Who is going to say "don't call me pop's" and bee the opposite of everything we should do? I think they are too key to phase out. I can't believe I'm saying all this.. I'm 29! I've grown up with AIO and don't ever see a time when I won't turn the radio on or up or buy the next album.

Joy Burgess
It would totally ruin their characters if they replace them! I don't mind that they got a new Whit but if they replace two more main people it'll definitely ruin it! As much as I want the two characters on the show it just isn't them if it isn't the same actor.

Tom and Bart are just fine the way they are. They are really great characters and to change them would be like changing Whit! Their voices, looks, and personalities are awesome. I just bought the Adventures in Odyssey; The Official Guide and its great! The crew is amazing. I hope with all my heart to work with Adventures in Odyssey someday. My mom always tells me I should be an actress when i grow up. I love making my voice sound different. I am young but hey, anything can happen! But back to the point, don't change Tom And Bart one bit . I love Odyssey just the way it is. It won't hurt anything to just leave them alone. Please take me up on this.

Peachey Keen
Tom and Bart are great characters. To keep them on, they need to be replaced.

Ellen F.
I voted NO. Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone are one-of-a-kind characters and, since this is a radio drama, after all, the voice is what brings these characters to life. Walker Edmiston can not be replaced; it just wouldn't be the same. Unless they come across another Paul Herlinger, I think Bart should move away and Tom should die. I know that may sound a little heartless, but it seems logical... to me, at least. Future episodes could refer back to these wonderful characters with flashbacks lest we forget the amazing talent behind the microphone -- a truly deplorable prospect.

Donna R.
I agree with Ellen F. I think both characters are great, but should not be replaced. Life is full of changes and it makes room for some new characters to move into Odyssey.

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