Episode Reviewed: Expect the Worst (497)

Writer: John Beebee, Nathan Hoobler, Kathy Wierenga, & Marshal Younger

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 6/22/02

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Expect the Worst

Episode Summary: Using Connie's information, Mitch makes a critical connection in proving what Novacom is doing, but events in Odyssey completely change everyone's plans.


Theme: Prayer in times of trouble

Expect the Worst was probably one of the worst AIO episodes in the Novacom Saga so far, and I had expected something better. Things just moved a little too fast and things just seemed too unrealistic. Allow me to elaborate.

Things moved too fast. To me, the Novacom Saga seemed to be moving in a very moderate, slow tempo throughout the episodes. But now... tons of things were thrown at us in Expect the Worst and I couldn't keep up with all the tension! Tension after tension was thrown at us from all sides in this episode, and it was too fast-paced. First Tom tells Whit that he would bring down the tower with his bare hands if he could, then Agnes Riley conveniently burns her hand on the oven burner in the kitchen, then the kids meet at Wonderworld to discuss what they should do, then Cal climbs the tower, Tom runs up the hill, and the tower blows up. Oh, and did I mention that Tom is blamed for the whole mess? Ahhhh! Stop with the tension! This episode was extremely intense. Trial after trial was shoved at us and it got on my nerves.

When I first heard the episode I remember I was very displeased with the way things were shaping up. I was afraid that Tom was going to be proven guilty and he'd be spending a few AIO seasons in jail. How depressing would that be? I was probably more unhappy with the episode than I am now because I've had time to listen to the episode more and I almost don't care anymore.

Once again, Robert Mitchell (the actor at least) wasn't the greatest actor. Why does it sound like Robert is shouting most of his lines? That gets on my nerves. Also another thing that gets on my nerves are those cheesy news reports! Something about them just bugs me!

However, I was glad to hear prayer in Expect the Worst. For half the episode there was a prayer meeting in session, and in a way that may teach some listeners how to pray. I'm sure there are some out there who do not know how to. I mentioned this in my review of Box of Miracles. Prayer in the toughest times is enough to get you through a situation.

I give Expect the Worst 2 out of 5 cones. Thrilling, yet too fast-paced for my ears. It sounded like the AIO team was rushing things a little too much to cram it all into the end of the season.

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