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Hello AIO Fan,
We're glad you were excited about signing up for the AIO Scoopian Newsletter. The Odyssey Scoop exists to give listeners the "Scoop" on Adventures in Odyssey, one cone at a time.
Has it really been so long since we sent out a newsletter? July was the last issue! A few things have happened over at the Odyssey Scoop since then, and even more has been happening with Adventures in Odyssey as Focus on the Family celebrates its 20th year!
Voices from the Past
Just this past week, the Odyssey Scoop released a special treat for AIO fans. We made contact with Genni and Don Long, voices of Lucy Schultz and Jack Davis. Each of them has agreed to participate in an interview over at the Scoop. And they're up! You can now go behind-the-scenes with two of Odyssey's favorite characters from the "good old days" of the show. Just point your browser to and click!
Odyssey News
We mentioned a moment ago that Adventures in Odyssey is in its 20th year of production. This spring you won't want to miss out on some very special episodes which will begin airing on March 1, 2008 with the episode "A Capsule Comes to Town." According to the official podcast, we'll hear from some voices that we haven't heard on the show for years this season. Each of these episodes will be released in album #50, a special landmark album for the show. There's sure to be some unexpected surprises and memories from the past. You won't want to miss this big year for Adventures in Odyssey!
Not only that, album #49, "The Sky's the Limit," is expected for a March 2008 release. If you're collecting the series, this is another addition to your collection. For more information, visit
Also in celebration of 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey, Digital Praise has teamed up with the show to release the Answer That! Family DVD Trivia Game. This game features a test of AIO knowledge, a well planned board game, and a trivia DVD that complements the game. Much like the popular Scene It line of games, Answer That! follows the same type of format. If you're interested in seeing a review before you buy, visit to learn more.
In the Know
Have you been keeping up with the Odyssey Scoop? A site visitor decided to prepare an Extra! Extra! article for us. Be sure to visit for "Highest Stakes - Happy Endings," a follow-up article to the past season.
Thank you for reading this newsletter. As always, if you're interested in learning more about the webmaster, point your browser to The site contains a collection of audio recordings, videos, poetry, short stories, wallpaper, photos, and more.
Again, thanks for reading. And thank you for making the Odyssey Scoop a fun place to be!
Jacob Isom
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