Answer That!
AIO Family DVD Trivia Game

Experience Adventure, Humor and Biblical Wisdom in Odyssey!

Turn on your DVD player and relive memorable stories and lessons from the last 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey. Your family will watch and listen to favorite scenes on the DVD; answer trivia questions; and race around the game board to reach Whit's End.

To complement the interactive DVD, trivia cards test your knowledge of Odyssey characters and Biblical events. Even if you haven't had any Adventures in Odyssey yet, you can answer many questions thanks to on-screen audio and video "hints"—a key to the multigenerational appeal of this all-new Answer That! DVD Game.


  • For 1-4 players, or more with team play

  • DVD features clips from Adventures in Odyssey films, sound bites from audio episodes and more—similar to Scene It?® Games

  • Three ways to play, including Travel Game with trivia cards only

  • Works with DVD player and TV. No PC required.

  • 1 Game DVD with over 600 on-screen questions

  • 1 Game Board, flexible for short or long games

  • 76 Trivia Cards with over 450 challenges

  • 20 Room of Consequence Cards

  • 1 Die

  • 4 Character Play Pieces

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Category Cards


Product Notes


This interactive DVD board game was released in celebration of 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey. While board games relating to AIO have been released in the past, "Answer That!" is the first Adventures in Odyssey DVD board game released by Focus on the Family.


Click here to play an online demo version of Answer That!



About the Game Developer

Digital Praise is an independent developer and publisher of family-friendly entertainment software for personal computers. The company produces and publishes faith-based and mainstream titles for families looking to enjoy interactive entertainment software with principled character-building themes and "just good clean fun." Digital Praise products have achieved top recognition from leading children's gaming and advocacy groups including Parents Choice, iParenting Media, the National Parenting Center, The Dove Foundation, Dr. Toy and Plain Games.



Our Review

Considering that Answer That! Adventures in Odyssey Family DVD Trivia Game is the first DVD trivia game released by Focus on the Family, the quality and completeness of the game is superb. I had the opportunity to play the game for myself, to test out my knowledge of Adventures in Odyssey. I was strangely surprised at how much I really don't know about the show. Many of the questions in the game involve using many audio observation skills, which add some intrigue to the game. If you've ever played the famous Scene It! DVD games on the market, then Answer That! is a sure-fire addition to a trivia lover's collection. Even those who do not necessarily enjoy trivia games 24/7 can enjoy this edition of AIO entertainment. The game allows for a unique blend of knowledge, memories from listening to the show, and "flat-out fun," as Adventures in Odyssey is described.

The game itself is visually pleasing. The board, package design, trivia cards, DVD, and enclosed instructions are well designed and attractive to the eye. As I played, I noticed that the interactive DVD contains pleasing graphics, transitions, etc., which help the game along.

As for game play, the variety of ways players can choose to play amazed me. You can play with teams, compete individually against other players, or even test your knowledge of Odyssey by yourself! You can focus on easy questions or try difficult questions. This allows for players who may be new to AIO to try the show on for size and have a chance -- even though they may know nothing at all. Better yet are the four versions of play. Players can choose from four different pathways to Whit's End for a short or longer game.

The only downside to the game is the game's frequent on-screen focus on the Adventures in Odyssey video series, which may communicate to newer listeners that the show is primarily a children's cartoon and not a radio drama. However, even though the DVD often asks questions about the animated series, plenty of clips are shown to help players answer the questions correctly. And the variety of questions on the DVD also come with many audio clips to listen to in order to answer a question. Combined with the audio clips provided and the countless trivia cards that complement the DVD, players will understand that the show's primary focus is on the audio series.

Game play is well-paced and creates a challenge for new and die-hard fans alike. The DVD and trivia cards were well thought out and produced for a well-rounded game. Many of the trivia questions are very challenging, yet achievable.

If you're considering buying this game and aren't sure if you will like it, don't be worried. If you think your brain doesn't retain much information about Adventures in Odyssey, you'll be surprised at just how much it really has. Answer That! is well worth the cost.


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