Kidsboro #2:
The Rise and Fall of the Kidsborian Empire

Business is booming lately in Kidsboro. Nelson's remote-controlled cars are selling like hotcakes, there's a new 9-hole mini golf course in town, and a movie theater just opened. But it all comes to a halt when one store owner sues another… and hard times hit Kidsboro. Even Pete, the local filmmaker, is losing money and friends after his actors go on strike. To survive this slump, can the kids-only community work together?


About the Author

Marshal Younger is producer for Focus on the Family's audio drama Adventures in Odyssey, a show for which he has written more than 100 episodes. He is the author of several children's novels and has served as writer/producer of innovative projects such as Treasure of the Incas CD-ROM Game and Answer That! Adventures in Odyssey DVD Game. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Stephanie, daughters Bryn, Paityn and Kristyn, and son Cory.


About the Series

In the woods behind Whit's End Soda Shoppe, there's a new neighborhood going up in the town of Odyssey. It has a police station, a church, a newspaper… and a total of zero citizens older than 14! Welcome to Kidsboro. What will happen to a town run entirely by kids? Find out in Kidsboro, where kids make and sometimes break the rules.


Book Details
  • All-new adventures from the world of Odyssey, featuring cameo appearances by Whit, Eugene and other familiar characters.

  • Released during the 2008 election season, Kidsboro offers an exciting way for kids to learn about politics, economics and more.

  • Marshal Younger completed the first Kidsboro novels years before the hit TV show Kid Nation premiered; now the premise of kids running-a-town provides a hook for this series.

  • This book series has a tie-in episode titled Kidsboro to build excitement for the series.



No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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