Adventures in Odyssey Live!
Join over 4,900 fans—a record-breaking live audience for Focus on the Family—and experience Adventures in Odyssey Live! Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Bernard, Mandy, and more favorite characters present an all-new adventure about discovering God’s calling for our lives. Complete with actor bloopers and live reactions from the audience, this extended show is presented in audio CD format—and a special DVD slideshow that takes you inside the live event! And don’t miss the exciting bonus features: actors answer questions from the audience, a photo booklet reveals even more about the Birthday Bash weekend . . . and an exclusive teaser gives you the scoop on what’s happening next in Odyssey!


Special Features
  • DISC 1 - CD

    • BTV: Live! All-New Extended Episode (approx. 50 minutes)

    • Live Q&A: Actors and Writers Answer the Audience (approx. 20 minutes)

  • DISC 2 - DVD

    • Live the Experience Event Slideshow... with over 200 photos from the show! (approx. 50 minutes)

    • Fan on the Street Video Interviews [testimonials from Adventures in Odyssey fans] (approx. 8 minutes)

    • Focus on the Family radio broadcast with Dr. James C. Dobson: "Celebrating
      20 Years of Adventures in Odyssey"
      [AIO listeners from around the world share their testimonies with Dr. James C. Dobson] (approx. 50 minutes)

  • Bonus: $3 off purchase of The Official Guide


Product Notes

In August 2008, the long-awaited celebration of 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey commenced. To celebrate, Focus on the Family held a live episode recording of BTV: Live!. Fans from around the country showed up for this exciting occasion. Some even came from outside the United States. This event also was a celebration of the release of Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide.

Adventures in Odyssey Live! contains one audio CD and a DVD with captivating bonus material.

Our Review

For those who were unable to attend the Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Bash at Focus on the Family in August 2008, Adventures in Odyssey Live! was produced to bring the celebration to listeners' homes. Set in a very eye-catching package, AIO Live is certainly a must for listeners and collectors alike. The product contains AIO's first major attempt at die-cuts with the word "Live" popped out on the front cover. It reveals the next sleeve which immediately draws people's interest into the product. I must say that once the product is opened to the point where you can see the CDs (see 3D views towards top of page), you're  given an immediate sneak peek into what you're going to be hearing. With photos of the cast and crew and a very chic design, AIO Live really brings the live adventure home.


But that was only the product packaging. We have yet to talk about the audio/visual experience itself. BTV: Live! certainly keeps the listener engaged with fifty minutes of episode airtime! Although the episode is told in a BTV format slightly different from what we're used to, we do have a lot of laughs and good moments. What's even better about AIO Live is that listeners have the option of sticking an audio CD of the episode into their CD player (disc 1), or if they have time to watch it, they can stick the included DVD (disc 2) into their DVD player or computer to watch and hear the episode as performed by the actors and production crew. The entire episode plays in the background, coupled with an engaging montage of video and photos from the event.


Yes, we have an audio CD, but the DVD is my favorite part of the mix. The Live the Experience Event Slideshow, Fan on the Street Interviews, and Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. James Dobson combine to make one exciting treat. I especially enjoyed the two-part Focus broadcast in celebration of 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey. If you're considering purchasing this special collection, you're getting more than an episode of AIO. You're getting a celebration!


However, the only negative I can see is the episode of BTV: Live! itself. Now remember I come from an older listener's perspective, where I grew up with the characters and events in Odyssey shortly after the show began. I remember the days when an uneventful episode was just right to the listener. The small-town happenings were always exciting to to tune in to everyday. This episode is extremely fast-paced and it took me some extra concentration to be able to decipher what occurs in the episode. But there's nothing wrong with that necessarily. That's my perspective. Fast-paced episodes with less character development have been on AIO's plate in more recent years. I'm a bigger fan of the more leisurely episodes of the past that include character development and more - how shall we say - calm episodes? So be ready to focus. It's a bumpy ride.


In conclusion, this collection is certainly one collectors and fans won't want to miss. It's definitely worth the 1/2 inch of shelf space!



No longer available from Focus on the Family.


This album was originally released in CD and DVD format in an attractive package design. While the hard copy version is out of print, the content from this release is available via the Odyssey Adventure Club. Learn more about the version available to OAC members here.

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