Since 2006, Focus on the Family has produced its special behind-the-scenes Official Podcast devoted to Adventures in Odyssey. It has become a valuable audio resource for staying up-to-date with the world's #1 audio drama. From day one of this popular podcast journey, fans have had the opportunity to ask the creators, writers, directors, sound designers, producers, and actors a host of Odyssey questions. This multi-faceted radio drama contains answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to the world of Odyssey, as well as stories from the team that brings Adventures in Odyssey to life. We've broken down each podcast into a sort of Online Guide to Adventures in Odyssey, showcasing hundreds of behind-the-scenes stories, facts, and trivia. Get ready to experience the people and personalities that make AIO great.

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Answers Just In... January 12, 2010


 Todd Busteed, sound designer



What You Hear is What You Get
Be sure to check back often as The Official Podcast is released bi-weekly. Below is a summary of what you'll get to experience in our online Guide to Odyssey:

General Knowledge Base
Get to know the basics of Adventures in Odyssey at-a-glance.

The talent say it all. Hear from the actors who bring the town of Odyssey to life.

Hear behind-the-scenes stories of the characters who make up the best small town.

Learn about Odyssey's furrier characters.

Go behind the scenes and learn how specific sound effects were made, journey through the writing process, and much more.

Whit's End wouldn't be the same without Whit's inventions. Learn about these plot devices in more detail.

Get to know the stories of a team of dedicated writers, artists, sound designers, and composers.

The town itself has a story to share.

Get answers to product questions, along with behind-the-scenes insights.


The Official Podcast is a presentation of Focus on the Family. All clips in The Guide to Odyssey are excerpts from various podcasts. For complete behind-the-scenes interviews, stories, news, and free episode downloads, subscribe to the podcast or visit to listen.

About the Podcast: Get the latest news and go behind-the-scenes of the world's #1 family audio drama, Adventures in Odyssey! In The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast, you'll hear fun stories straight from the show's actors -- and Adventures in Odyssey producers regularly answer fan questions submitted at Approx. 8-10 minutes. New editions available every other Wednesday.

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