Adam Wylie, voice of Ryan Cummings


Alan Young, voice of Jack Allen


Andre Stojka, voice of John Avery Whittaker (2009-present)


Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy Straussberg


Brandon Gilberstadt, voice of Jared DeWhite


Bob Hoose, voice of minor roles


Bob Luttrell, voice of minor roles


Chris Anthony, host of Adventures in Odyssey


Corey Burton, voice of Cryin' Bryan Dern, Walter Shakespeare, and many others


Danielle Judovits, voice of Aubrey Shepard


Dave Madden, voice of Bernard Walton


David Griffin


Don & Genni Long, voice of Jack Davis, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz Davis


Earl Boen, voice of Regis & Edwin Blackgaard

Fabio Stephens, voice of Curt Stevens


Hope Levy, voice of Olivia Parker


Janet Waldo, voice of Maureen Hodges & Joanne Woodston-Allen


Jess Harnell, voice of Wooton Bassett


Jerry Houser, voice of Ben Shepard, "Jellyfish," and Isaac Morton's father


Jim Cummings, voice of King Lawrence


Kari Wahlgren, voice of Gloria McCoy & Maria


Katie Leigh, voice of Connie Kendall


Kendre Berry, voice of Marvin Washington


Kris Kachurak, voice of Dwayne Oswald


Lauren Schaffel, voice of Liz Horton


Pamela Hayden, voice of Katrina Shanks Meltsner


Paul Herlinger, voice of John Avery Whittaker (1996-2008)


Pete Renaday, voice of many minor characters


Phil Proctor, voice of Leonard Meltsner


Phillip Glassboro


Sage Bolte, voice of Robyn Jacobs


Steve Burns, voice of Rodney Rathbone & Robert Mitchell


Sydney Shiotani, voice of Camilla Parker


Townsend Coleman, voice of Jason Whittaker


Walker Edmiston, voice of Tom Riley & Bart Rathbone


Whit Hertford, voice of Jay Smouse


Will Ryan, voice of Eugene Meltsner & Harlow Doyle


Zach Callison, voice of Matthew Parker

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