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Mike Harrigan has a diverse background that includes writing, graphic design, illustration, video production and directing creative teams in these efforts. Mike has worked successfully in a variety of creative team environments where good communication and collaboration is essential. His passion as a visual artist and storyteller is to use the power of various media to inspire readers to engage with meaningful content that will ultimately make a difference in their lives.

Mike has served in various roles at Focus on the Family, including art director, graphic design and digital illustration. Mike is known for his work with Adventures in Odyssey's Passages book series exterior and interior illustrations for books released in 2010-2011.

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In 2010, artist Mike Harrigan was given the task of completely redesigning the Passages book series for its third edition to hit bookstore shelves. In addition to designing the layout of the covers and illustrations, Mike was was responsible for creating interior illustrations for the books as well.


Artist Gallery

Below, we've showcased Mike Harrigan's work for Adventures in Odyssey. It is not all-inclusive at this point. Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger illustration.


Book Cover Illustrations

Book 1: Darien's Rise cover illustration Book 2: Arin's Judgment Book 3: Annison's Risk Book 4: Glennall's Betrayal Book 5: Draven's Defiance

Book 6: Fendar's Legacy


Book 1 Interior Illustrations
Darien's Rise takes readers on a fantastic journey from the modern day town of Odyssey to the land of Marus. Modern day teenagers, Kyle and Anna, materialize in an alternate reality to play important roles in this strange new land. Darien's Rise is an imaginative tale resembling the Biblical account of King David's rise to power combining new characters who have their own lessons to learn and destinies to discover.

Kyle and Anna discover the old house in the woods taking them to the land of Marus. Kyle and Darien make a narrow escape. Anna and the Old Judge Mad King Lawrence takes aim at Darien. Darien's hideout in the Valley of the Rocks
The train to Hailsham Marus during the time of Darien The cottage    

Book 2 Interior Illustrations
This story revisits the apocalyptic setting of Noah and the surrounding culture during the promise of an impending catastrophe. It mixes in historical references to World War II and the rise of the atomic age along with a young boy struggling to understand his own place in both worlds.

Arin meets Wade at his shelter late at night. Tyran's castle Dr. Lyst offers to help Wade get home if he tells them about technology in our world. Marus during the time of Arin Tyran addresses his people and attacks Arin's warnings of doom and disease.
Wade despairs as he watches events unfold from the window of a tower. Wade tries not to look at the disease and dismay he has caused in the city.      

Book 3 Interior Illustrations
A young girl with fairy tales on her mind learns real-life lessons of courage, honor and faithfulness. This story explores the Biblical account of Queen Esther saving an entire nation. It also refers to the Russian revolution, and life as refugees when cultures and powers collide.

Maddy dreams of a princess every night who pleads with Maddy to help her, then she wakes up from her dream. Maddy delivers a vase of flowers to Annison's chambers. Lord Hector startles Maddy in the passageway which leads to Annison's chambers. Marus during the time of Anison Lord Hector stands by the gallows which will be used to put those who follow the Unseen One to death.
All hope appears to be lost and Lord Hector seems to be victorious. Simet and Maddy stand on the balcony overlooking the Palatian army in the city. Annison hands the king a story she has written for him, but tells him not to read it until later.      

Book 4 Interior Illustrations
Retracing the Biblical account of Joseph's struggles as a youth to his rise as second in command over Egypt, this story also combines the life of another young misfit struggling to pick up the pieces of a life shattered by the Great Depression.

James and Fantya discover a teenaged boy named Glennall at the bottom of a mineshaft. James is sure he will be captured, but an armed guard walks right by him without even seeing him. James is awestruck at his first glimpse of the palace. Marus during the time of Glennall The king shows James and Glennall his dream.
Glennall finds himself falsely accused and alone in a prison as a slave to the Palatians. Glennall begs James to stay in the land of Marus instead of going home to our world.      

Book 5 Interior Illustrations
A fantastic adventure filled with strange supernatural events that traces the mysterious disappearance of a modern day teenager who set out one day to explore a local railway tunnel and never returns. Finding himself in a world where time has stopped at the hands of a strange prophet he must learn to accept that he has been chosen to be this man's successor. Draven's Defiance explores the prophet Elijah's bold challenge to King Ahab and Jezebel within the parallel kingdom of Marus. It also includes a dramatic showdown similar to the one with the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel.

Scott approaches Gwynn's burning estate. Scott dreams that the sea rises up towards Draven. A crowd of people scatters in fear as supernatural things begin happening at the town clock. Scott witnesses what appears to be a talking lamb which sounds like the Unseen One. Scott begins to wonder if he is dreaming as he watches a train go around the bend.
Wydrah boldly defends herself to Colonel Krake and claims that the Unseen One has provided her with blessings. Marus during the time of Draven      

Book 6 Interior Illustrations
The last book in the Passages series, Fendar's Legacy takes three modern day teenagers and places them in the land of Marus during a time that is strikingly similar to the time of Moses and the Exodus. From a new and different perspective, this story tells of an onslaught of plagues, a hard-hearted king and a grumbling nation of enslaved people struggling with the notion of freedom and an uncertain future.


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Fendar warns Nemathes of the coming destruction of Palatia on the following day.        

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