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Who draws those amazing Adventures in Odyssey illustrations? Gary Locke's over-the-top sketches have graced projects for Quaker Oats, Pepsi, Warner Bros., Major League Baseball, Fisher-Price, Sports Illustrated, and many others. Gary's strong drawing skills make him perfect for projects that involve character development or zany caricatures, especially of sports and political figures. The award-winning illustrator works out of Rogersville, Mo. surrounded by family and select friends: his wife and three children, a balding ferret, one dog, and several selfish cats. Gary's work is prevalent in all of Adventures in Odyssey's products, ranging from the audio series to books.

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Artist Gary Locke became the illustrator for past, present, and future Adventures in Odyssey albums, beginning with the release of Volume 36: Danger Signals in 2001 (see below). Volume 36 was released during a time when cassette tapes were nearly obsolete and CD's were becoming the new media standard. Albums 1-15 were only available in cassette format for the majority of Odyssey's formative years, so when the Gold Audio Series was releasedputting those collections onto a digital format for the first time in Odyssey historyGary was the artist responsible for bringing those illustrations to life.


Gary primarily worked from character designs that had been developed by artists before him as featured in Albums 1-50. Fans had come to love the branded illustrations of overweight Whit, green jogging suit Connie, and nerdy "no eyes" Eugene. They had become a standard for many years, although many artists were involved with the illustrations for album releases. As a whole, there was a shift between the look of the earliest albums to more recent collections. Thus, a lack of consistency and an overall disconnect.


Enter Gary Locke. The Odyssey team played around with album formats, including offering half albums for a short time (A and B, containing six episodes). They finally settled on a package design featured in Volume 47, Into the Light, released in 2007. This would be the new standard for Albums 1-50. Each was re-illustrated by Gary Locke and now the series looks more consistent on collectors' shelves. And the Gold Audio Series was shown the door.


In 2010, Adventures in Odyssey returned after a brief hiatus with the release of Album 51: Take It from the Top. This album represented a fresh start for the series with new characters, new theme song, new series logo, and new illustrations. Albums 51 and up feature a rebranded slim Whit, a more stylish jogging suit-less Connie, and a Eugene without bangs covering his eyes and a trendy pair of glasses.



Artist Gary Locke currently illustrates all the Adventures in Odyssey album covers, several books, and produces quite a few illustrations for Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse magazine. In addition, Gary illustrates each episode featured monthly at the Odyssey Adventure Club.


Artist Gallery

Below, we've showcased quite a bit of Gary's work for Adventures in Odyssey. This showcase is not all-inclusive since Mr. Locke has such a large scope of work he does for Odyssey, including individual character designs. Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger illustration.


Vol. 1: The Adventure Begins Vol. 2: Stormy Weather Vol. 2: The Wildest Summer Ever Vol. 3: Heroes Vol. 4: The FUNdamentals
Vol. 5: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes Vol. 5: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes Vol. 6: Mission: Accomplished Vol. 7: On Thin Ice Vol. 8: Beyond Expectations
Vol. 9: Just in Time Vol. 10: Other Times, Other Places Vol. 11: It's Another Fine Day... Vol. 12: At Home and Abroad Vol. 13: It All Started When...
Vol. 14: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town Vol. 15: A Place of Wonder Vol. 16: Flights of Imagination Vol. 17: On Earth As It Is in Heaven Vol. 18: A Time of Discovery
Vol. 19: Passport to Adventure Vol. 20: A Journey of Choices Vol. 21: Wish You Were Here! Vol. 22: The Changing Times Vol. 23: Twists & Turns
Vol. 24: Risks & Rewards Vol. 25: Darkness Before Dawn Vol. 26: Back on the Air Vol. 27: The Search for Whit Vol. 28: Welcome Home
Vol. 29: Signed, Sealed & Committed Vol. 30: Through Thick & Thin Vol. 31: Days to Remember Vol. 32: Hidden Treasures Vol. 33: Virtual Realities
Vol. 34: In Your Wildest Dreams Vol. 35: The Big Picture Vol. 36: Danger Signals Vol. 37: Countermoves Vol. 38: Battle Lines
Vol. 39: Friends, Family & Countrymen Vol. 40: Out of Control Vol. 41: In Hot Pursuit Vol. 42: No Way Out Vol. 43: Along for the Ride
Vol. 44: Eugene Returns! Vol. 45: Lost & Found Vol. 46: A Date with Dad Vol. 47: Into the Light Vol. 48: Moment of Truth
Vol. 49: The Sky's the Limit Vol. 50: The Best Small Town Vol. 51: Take It from the Top Vol. 52: Cause & Effect Vol. 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
Vol. 54: Clanging Cymbals Vol. 55: The Deep End Vol. 56: The Grand Design Vol. 57: A Call to Something More Vol. 58: The Ties That Bind
Vol. 59: Taking the Plunge

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