David Harley


David Harley was a dim-witted police officer played by Will Ryan who was later replaced by detective Harlow Doyle after some parents complained about Harley's poor representation of authority. David Harley left Odyssey and all of his episodes were withdrawn from release or remade to exclude him.



In 1987 and early 1988, Officer Harley was an Odyssey regular, along with John Whittaker and Tom Riley, appearing in eight of the first fifteen episodes of the series. The writers initially intended for Harley to become a main character to harness his "comedic potential." However, several parents complained that Harley's dim-witted jokes made him a poor representation of authority. At the request of Dr. Dobson, the Odyssey team removed Harley from the show.




  • David Harley first appears in Lights Out At Whit's End.
  • Although he was written out of the show due to audience concerns, a character based off Harley was introduced later in the series: Harlow Doyle, private investigator.

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