Adventures in Odyssey Club Exclusive Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes included exclusively to Adventures in Odyssey Club members. Adventures in Odyssey Club (AIOC) is a subscription-based club which includes the entire Adventures in Odyssey audio series of episodes, animated series, Last Chance Detectives, and more. Learn more about the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 1 (2014)

Whit and the folks in Odyssey explore what it means to have a relationship with God while they learn about serving others around the world.


739:  The Launch I

740:  The Launch II

741:  In a Kingdom Far Away

742:  Drake the Cosmic Copper

743:  Mission: Unaccomplished I

744:  Mission: Unaccomplished II

745:  Like a Good Neighbor

746:  The Lone Lawman

747:  Thirty Jays Hath September

748:  The Perfect Gift

749:  The Dropbox

750:  All By Myself




Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 2 (2015)


765:  Follow Me

766:  The Cure I

767:  The Cure II

768:  The Cure III

769:  B-TV: To Tell the Truth

770:  To the Ends of the Earth

771:  Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet I

772:  Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet II

773:  Hidden Gems

774:  Walters Flying Bus

775:  Take It on Trust

776:  A Daughters Love


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Adventures in Odyssey Club Season 3 (2016)

789: The Journal of John Avery Whittaker

790: Walk This Way

791: When One Door Closes I

792: When One Door Closes II

793: The Good Soil

794: Things Not Seen

795: The Boat People I

796: The Boat People II

797: A Predicament of Biblical Proportions

798: A Forgiving Heart

799: Where Your Treasure Is

800: Un-Tech the Halls


The Officer Harley Collection
Officer David Harley appeared in a number of early Adventures in Odyssey episodes. He was voiced by Will Ryan, who later went on to voice Eugene Meltsner. Harley was a bumbling policeman and the producers loved him for his comic potential, but not everyone felt the same way. After parents complained that he gave a bad impression of law enforcers, the team decided that Officer Harley should leave the show. Many of his episodes were later rewritten, retitled, and rerecorded without him. A few others were dropped completely and never aired again. Over the years, we’ve [Focus on the Family] looked for a place to re-release these episodes as interesting curiosities so fans could hear the originals. And now, with the Odyssey Adventure Club, we’ve [Focus on the Family] finally found the perfect place. Enjoy these episodes that haven’t been heard in more than twenty years!


003:  Lights Out At Whits End

009:  Doing Unto Others

011:  Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming

013:  Bobbys Valentine

014:  Missed It By That Much

021:  The Case of the Missing Train Car

023:  The Quality of Mercy

024:  Gotcha!

025:  Harley Takes the Case I

026:  Harley Takes the Case II

070:  The Return of Harley I

071:  The Return of Harley I


Available exclusively to Adventures in Odyssey Club members.
AIO Club is a monthly subscription providing access to the entire Adventures in Odyssey series.

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