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"I'm Seeing Someone Else" Commercial
What if you found out your significant other was leaving you?



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Approximate Running Time: 53 sec.


It's such a typical breakup story. The drama, the tangled emotions, the unnecessary pain. But soon, Roger is going to find out why Sylvia is having second thoughts.

Behind the Scenes

This humorous audio commercial was produced to fit within the commercial time slot in Until the Fat Lady Sings episode from the Tracer Bullet, Private Eye radio drama. You can't produce an amateur radio drama and not leave room for an amateur commercial, after all.


In an attempt to create a commercial for the Odyssey Scoop, Jacob decided to produce a comedic installment that listeners would enjoy listening to. Instead of creating an average, forgettable audio clip, the webmaster decided to create a series of spoofs to make listeners chuckle.

Did You Know?

The voice of Sylvia in this audio commercial is not a real person! With advances in technology come better and better synthesized voices.






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