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Episode Two: Until the Fat Lady Sings



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Approximate Running Time: 15 min.


As Tracer Bullet continues his private investigation, things begin to come into focus and the facts start lining up. But when it comes to seeking information, Tracer may be getting himself into a little more than he asked for.

Behind the Scenes

In order to create voices for this production, Mind's Eye Studios recorded each line in the entire show completely separately, which probably was not the best solution. Appropriate filters were applied to the characters that needed a distinct tone, and finally the clips were spliced together and another filter removed the crackles and pops. Otherwise we'd have a dramatized bowl of cereal.

Did You Know?

This episode was completed months before its release on the web, and the entire production team (consisting of two people) couldn't wait for the reaction of the fans. Unfortunately they had to wait longer than they thought and it wasn't released until June 8, 2004, months after its creation. Listen closely to the commercial break; it's one of the webmaster's personal favorites. Also the end of the episode marked a boost in sound design quality not typical of these two amateurs.





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