Are there any Odyssey videos coming out in the future? -Submitted by Connie's Jogging Suit's Tags

Why hello, Connie's Jogging Suit's Tags! I have been dying to get in contact with you ever since I found out Connie wore a green jogging suit, even in the summer months! I am absolutely shocked that I'm talking to the very jogging suit tags of Connie Kendall! Oh my word! I've been dying to ask you this ever since I knew you existed: Does your tag say "Machine Wash Warm" or "Machine Wash Cold?" "With like colors" or does it matter? "Tumble dry low," or does that matter either? I guess since you're on film a lot, you've got to tell Connie how to wash her wardrobe correctly, and it seems to work. I never see her with any pasta sauce stains or chocolate stains. You're doing a good job, Connie's Jogging Suit's Tags!

Since you are a star in the Odyssey videos, it makes sense that you should ask this question. Will there be any Odyssey videos in the future? Well, the "New Series" is the most recent Odyssey video series, and it didn't prove to be a very popular one. The video team ceased production after four episodes of the video line, but that doesn't mean that they won't produce more cartoons in the future. At the moment, AIO has no plans to release any more Odyssey videos. But don't be discouraged, Miss. Tags (you are a Miss, right? I've always thought clothing tags had a feminine gender). You're a star. If any future episodes of AIO cartooning are released, you'll find them on our DVD's page. Keep watching!

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