Each Adventures in Odyssey animated series episode is available in DVD format. Contains one episode and special features.


Animated Series


01 - The Knight Travellers
02 - A Flight to the Finish
03 - A Fine Feathered Frenzy
04 - Shadow of a Doubt
05 - Star Quest
06 - Once Upon An Avalanche
07 - Electric Christmas
08 - Go West, Young Man!
09 - Someone to Watch Over Me
10 - In Harm's Way
11 - A Twist in Time
12 - A Stranger Among Us
13 - Baby Daze
14 - The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner
15 - Escape from the Forbidden Matrix
16 - The Caves of Qumran
17 - Race to Freedom



Digital Downloads

In addition to hard copy availability, Focus on the Family offers video downloads for the Adventures in Odyssey animated series at various online markets.

Focus on the Family Store
Digital Download available for various devices. Every purchase benefits the ministry of Focus on the Family directly.
Christian Book Distributors
Video for various devices
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Google Play
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