How much does Connie weigh? -Submitted by Agent 503X

Interesting question, Agent 503X! A previous topic was brought up by DrBlackgaard, "How much does Whit weigh?" and I didn't really answer the question. Afterall, nobody knows how much Whit weighs and supposedly there is the faint hope that Whit jogs once a week now. But now we come to Miss. Constance Kendall. She and Eugene appear to be the same weight, or close to the same weight. She and Eugene also share the same height and dimensions. Seeking to discover the mystery question of how much Connie weighs is no easy task. Most likely if you were to walk up to Connie, who is currently dishing out ice cream, and ask her "How much do you weigh," she will turn a nice shade of crimson. As the crimson floods into her cheeks you'd notice that her eyes stare about the room because she is embarrassed about her weight. Now why do I come to this conclusion about how Connie would act? Well... because I know girls. It seems that every girl I know is a little embarrassed about her weight, when in reality they are just the right size and do not need to lose weight. So Connie, stop being embarrassed about your weight because we like you just the way you are. Stop drinking that Slim-Fast! You don't need it!

I still haven't answered the mystery question yet. What am I to do? It's nice to bring up the fact that Connie is currently working at the Timothy Center, teaching kids, doing weekly camps, and other things. From what we know there are a few things at the Timothy Center that keep Connie physically active. She isn't just sitting at home watching lonely episodes of Wheel of Fortune while munching on a bag of potato chips. She is getting quite a bit of healthy exercise.

An inference can be made about Connie's eating habits. Though it is not directly stated all the time, we can assume that Connie eats a healthy breakfast. In "That's Not Fair" Connie was told to make her own breakfast for a change. The meal her mother described made for a complete and healthy breakfast. Also a minor inference we can make about Connie's eating habits is the fact that in "The Curse" Connie was eating a bowl of cherries. I suppose that Connie enjoys cherries. Cherries are healthy. And cherries can also be placed on ice cream.

Ice cream? Ice cream isn't healthy! We all know that Connie works at Whit's End doing dishes, mopping the floor, watching the kids, and DISHING OUT ICE CREAM. It is very possible that Connie enjoys a good ice cream sundae (on the house) every once in a while. I could go on for hours about what Connie eats but what I'd like to mention is that Connie also MAKES ice cream when the tubs are empty. When you make ice cream obviously you have to taste it to see if it's good, and I'm sure Connie has plenty of her share on ice cream. We see in "The Pretty Good Samaritan" that Connie is good at making ice cream, seeing that she shared some ice cream with her Sunday school class.

Obviously you're not going to receive the most concrete answer (nor did DrBlackgaard for his question) on how much Connie weighs, but what I have just mentioned is worth thinking about. I assume (from all the cartoon pictures) that Connie is skinny and average sized for a girl her age. Age? Oh yeah, age also may play a factor. Connie is getting older now and it's possible that her metabolism is going to drop, meaning that she will get fat easier. I can't imagine a fat Connie... can you?

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