How much does Whit weigh? -Submitted by DrBlackgaard

The only thing I can think to say is... I actually want to know that answer! My reason being that Mr. Whittaker is (no offense) more on the pudgy side than Eugene (skin and bones) Meltzner. For example, it is very unrealistic how in either "The Nemesis" or "The Battle" (I forget which one), Whit suggests walking back to Whit's End. Eventually he and Eugene make it back to Whit's End and Eugene is practically ready to drop while Whit gracefully walks up Whit's End's steps. Now how inaccurate is that? First off, (no offense... I'm not picking at overweight people... overweight people happen to be very nice people to let you know) Whit is overweight and that would affect the way he walks. He had more weight to handle than Eugene. Secondly, as people get older, life gets harder for them. Whit qualifies as an old man. And thirdly, don't we all have the faint recollection that Whit hurt his leg at Manatugo Point and has been walking on a limp?

Oh... wait. In "Operation Digout" Whit says the "doctor helped me get rid of the limp." But I'm sure he limps every once in a while.

But for everyone who is wondering (especially you, DrBlackgaard) how much Whit currently weighs, we'll probably never know. But there is hope. In "Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips" Connie said that "he's in the park jogging." Whoa now! If he keeps that up he'll look like a stick man and he'll regain his girlish figure! Of course I'm kidding about the "girlish figure part," but not the rest. Will Whit ever go on a successful diet? Maybe...just maybe... he's on the Jenny Craig plan, or maybe he's taking Taebo classes, or... ANYTHING is a possibility for Whit. Afterall, he took skydiving lessons! But there's one thing you never want to do... NEVER ask Whit how much he weighs!

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