THURS. 1   It Takes Integrity
FRI. 2   The Scales of Justice
SAT. 3   The Triangle I
MON. 5   Tales of Moderation
TUES. 6   Isaac the Chivalrous
WED. 7   A Question of Loyalty
THURS. 8   The Conscientious Cross-Guard
FRI. 9   An Act of Nobility
SAT. 10   The Triangle II
MON. 12   The Courage to Stand
TUES. 13   No, Honestly!
WED. 14   Moses: The Passover I
THURS. 15   Moses: The Passover II
FRI. 16   Modesty is the Best Policy
SAT. 17   Home Again I
MON. 19   A Tongue of Fire
TUES. 20   A License to Drive
WED. 21   Father's Day
THURS. 22   Harlow Doyle, Private Eye
FRI. 23   The Midnight Ride
SAT. 24   Home Again II
MON. 26   Treasure Hunt
TUES. 27   The 'No' Factor
WED. 29   Feud for Thought
THURS. 29   Fair-Weather Fans
FRI. 30   Timmy's Cabin

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