September 1, Monday Scales of Justice
September 2, Tuesday Tales of Moderation
September 3, Wednesday Isaac the Chivalrous
September 4, Thursday A Question of Loyalty
September 5, Friday The Conscientious Cross-Guard
September 6, Saturday Best Episode of 1995:
The Time Has Come
September 8, Monday An Act of Nobility
September 9, Tuesday The Courage to Stand
September 10, Wednesday No, Honestly!
September 11, Thursday Moses: The Passover, Part One
September 12, Friday Moses: The Passover, Part Two
September 13, Saturday Best Episode of 1996:
September 15, Monday Modesty is the Best Policy
September 16, Tuesday A Tongue of Fire
September 17, Wednesday A License to Drive
September 18, Thursday Father's Day
September 19, Friday Harlow Doyle, Private Eye
September 20, Saturday Best Episode of 1997:
It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part One
September 22, Monday The Midnight Ride
September 23, Tuesday Treasure Hunt
September 24, Wednesday The 'No' Factor
September 25, Thursday Feud for Thought
September 26, Friday Fair-Weather Fans
September 27, Saturday Best Episode of 1997:
It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part Two
September 29, Monday Timmy's Cabin
September 30, Tuesday Double Trouble

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