October 2002 Schedule

"The Best of Connie" continues the 25th celebration episodes this month. Below is a current airing schedule for this month.


Episode Name
October 1 Clara
October 2 Solitary Refinement
October 3 The Decision
October 4 The Other Woman
October 5 Best of Connie: What Are You Gonna Do With Your Life?
October 7 It's a Wrap!
October 8 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll I
October 9 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll II
October 10 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll III
October 11 The Pushover
October 12 Best of Kids: The Tangled Web
October 14 Chores No More
October 15 Just Say Yes
October 16 The Painting
October 17 The One About Trust I
October 18 The One About Trust II
October 19 Best of Kids: Heatwave
October 21 Best Face Forward
October 22 Viva La Difference
October 23 Amazing Grace
October 24 Leap of Faith
October 25 OT Action News: Jepthah's Vow
October 26 Best of Kids: Melanie's Diary
October 28 No Bones About It
October 29 The Joke's On You
October 30 When in Doubt... Pray!
October 31 Wrapped Around Your Finger

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