October 1, Monday Around the Block
October 2, Tuesday A Time for Action I
October 3, Wednesday A Time for Action II
October 4, Thursday Cover of Darkness
October 5, Friday Out of Our Hands
October 6, Saturday NEW SHOW:
The Perfect Church I
October 8, Monday My Favorite Thing
October 9, Tuesday Blood, Sweat, and Fears
October 10, Wednesday The Nudge
October 11, Thursday Bernard and Jeremiah
October 12, Friday Mum's the Word
October 13, Saturday NEW SHOW:
The Perfect Church II
October 15, Monday The Family Next Door
October 16, Tuesday Like Father, Like Wooton
October 17, Wednesday The Chosen One I
October 18, Thursday The Chosen One II
October 19, Friday The Undeniable Truth
October 20, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Great Expectations
October 22, Monday Run-of-the-Mill Miracle
October 23, Tuesday Prequels of Love
October 24, Wednesday Hear Me, Hear Me
October 25, Thursday Best of Enemies
October 26, Friday Only By His Grace
October 27, Saturday NEW SHOW:
For Three Dollars More
October 29, Monday The Top Floor I
October 30, Tuesday The Top Floor II
October 31, Wednesday The Top Floor III

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