November 1, Thursday BTV: Temptation
November 2, Friday Buddy Guard
November 3, Saturday NEW SHOW:
The Bible Network
November 5, Monday The Other Side of the Glass I
November 6, Tuesday The Other Side of the Glass II
November 7, Wednesday The Other Side of the Glass III
November 8, Thursday Wooing Wooton
November 9, Friday Something Significant
November 10, Saturday NEW SHOW:
Happy Hunting
November 12, Monday A New Era I
November 13, Tuesday A New Era II
November 14, Wednesday A New Era III
November 15, Thursday Life, in the Third Person I
November 16, Friday Life, in the Third Person II
November 17, Saturday NEW SHOW:
The Holy Hoopster
November 19, Monday The Highest Stakes I
November 20, Tuesday The Highest Stakes II
November 21, Wednesday Chip Off the Shoulder
November 22, Thursday A Thanksgiving Carol
November 23, Friday A Thankstaking Story
November 24, Saturday NEW SHOW:
The Lost Riddle
November 26, Monday A Capsule Comes to Town
November 27, Tuesday Suspicious Finds
November 28, Wednesday License to Deprive
November 29, Thursday Accidental Dilemma I
November 30, Friday Accidental Dilemma II

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