November 1, Monday Elijah I
November 2, Tuesday Elijah II
November 3, Wednesday But, You Promised
November 4, Thursday A Mission for Jimmy
November 5, Friday The Ill-Gotten Deed
November 6, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
Opposite Day
November 8, Monday Rescue from Manatugo Point
November 9, Tuesday Operation: Dig-Out
November 10, Wednesday The Very Best of Friends
November 11, Thursday The Reluctant Rival
November 12, Friday Monty's Christmas
November 13, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
The Owlnapping
November 15, Monday The Barclay Ski Vacation
November 16, Tuesday Ice Fishing
November 17, Wednesday Scattered Seeds
November 18, Thursday The Treasure of LeMonde!
November 19, Friday Front Page News
November 20, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
Square One
November 22, Monday Lincoln I
November 23, Tuesday Lincoln II
November 24, Wednesday By Any Other Name
November 25, Thursday Thanksgiving At Home
November 26, Friday BTV: Thanks
November 27, Saturday NEW EPISODE:
A Thankstaking Story
November 29, Monday Bad Luck
November 30, Tuesday Isaac the Courageous

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