November 1, Saturday Best Episode of 2000:
The Great Wishy Woz I
November 3, Monday The Marriage Feast
November 4, Tuesday Our Father
November 5, Wednesday Hallowed Be Thy Name
November 6, Thursday Thy Kingdom Come
November 7, Friday Thy Will Be Done
November 8, Saturday Best Episode of 2000:
The Great Wishy Woz II
November 10, Monday Our Daily Bread
November 11, Tuesday Forgive Us As We Forgive
November 12, Wednesday Into Temptation
November 13, Thursday Deliver Us from Evil
November 14, Friday For Thine Is the Kingdom
November 15, Saturday Best Episode of 2001:
Snow Day
November 17, Monday The Power
November 18, Tuesday And the Glory
November 19, Wednesday Forever...Amen
November 20, Thursday Hymn Writers
November 21, Friday Family Values
November 22, Saturday Best Episode of 2002:
November 24, Monday Thank You, God
November 25, Tuesday Thanksgiving At Home
November 26, Wednesday A Thanksgiving Carol
November 27, Thursday In All Things Give Thanks
November 28, Friday BTV: Thanks
November 29, Saturday Best Episode of 2003:
BTV: Behind the Scenes

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