November 2002 Schedule


Episode Name
November 1 Poor Loser
November 2 Best of Kids: Isaac the Chivalrous
November 4 Patrick: A Heart Afire I
November 5 Patrick: A Heart Afire II
November 6 Tornado!
November 7 A Case of Revenge
November 8 Bernard and Job
November 9 Best of Kids: The Boy Who Cried Destructo!
November 11 The Spy Who Bugged Me
November 12 More Like Alicia
November 13 Arizona Sunrise
November 14 Faster Than a Speeding Ticket
November 15 Hide and Seek
November 16 Best of Kids: The Buck Starts Here
November 18 The Graduate
November 19 Malachi's Message I
November 20 Malachi's Message II
November 21 Malachi's Message III
November 22 Natural Born Leader
November 23 New Episode: Inside the Studio
November 25 Thank You, God
November 26 Thanksgiving At Home
November 27 A Thanksgiving Carol
November 28 In All Things Give Thanks
November 29 B-TV: Thanks
November 30 New Episode: Live At the 25

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