WED. 1   Family Vacation I
THURS. 2   Family Vacation II
FRI. 3   Stormy Weather
SAT. 4   Amazing Grace
MON. 6  

VBS Blues

TUES. 7   Kid's Radio
WED. 8   Camp What-a-Nut I
THURS. 9   Camp What-a-Nut II
FRI. 10   The Case of the Secret Room I
SAT. 11   Nothing But the Half Truth
MON. 13   The Case of the Secret Room II
TUES. 14   Return to the Bible Room
WED. 15   The Last Great Adventure of the Summer
THURS. 16   Back to School
FRI. 17   It Sure Seemed Like It To Me
SAT. 18   Living in the Gray I
MON. 20   The Shepherd and the Giant
TUES. 21   A Single Vote
WED. 22   Heroes
THURS. 23   Karen
FRI. 24   The Price of Freedom
SAT. 25   Living in the Gray II
MON. 27   Connie I
TUES. 28   Connie II
WED. 29   The Sacred Trust
THURS. 30   By Faith, Noah
FRI. 31   The Prodigal, Jimmy

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